Daesh beheads 16-year-old for failing to attend Friday prayer

Published March 7th, 2016 - 05:00 GMT
The boy was given just a short trial before he was executed. (File Photo)
The boy was given just a short trial before he was executed. (File Photo)

A 16-year-old boy was beheaded by Daesh [ISIS] for not attending mandatory Friday prayer services in the border town of Jarabulus, Syria, the Kurdish News Agency reported Sunday.

The boy was arrested last Saturday by the organization's secret police services after he was discovered hiding out at a relatives house near the Turkish-Syrian border.

"The boy who was arrested was charged with heresy, the most serious charge in the ISIS legal system," Nasar Taljabini, a resident of Jarabulus, told the Kurdish news outlet.

Taljabini added that the boy "was given a short trial that lasted only a few minutes, and was then led away to the town square where he was beheaded in front of a large audience who had gathered to watch the execution." 

ISIS captured the city back in 2014 when it conquered large parts of northern Syria including areas that straddle the Turkish border and the Euphrates River.

"Before his execution, a representative of the Sharia court for ISIS came over a loudspeaker and read out the verdict. He then vowed that if anyone else miss any prayer services, they too would suffer the same fate," Taljabini noted.

Just hours before the brutal execution in Jarabulus took place, the Islamic State's so-called 'Caucasus Province' affiliate called on Russian Muslims to "kill apostates in Russia," vowing to attack President Vladimir Putin and implement Sharia in the country.

In a video titled "Profitable Trading" released by the ISIS branch in the Northern Caucasus region of Russia on Saturday, the group's fighters urged Muslims in Russia to join them, claiming that "the Caliphate is already here." 

The video ends with an execution of a supposedly agent of the Russian intelligence, who is shot by a one of the province's fighters. 

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