Daesh training camps teaching children to carry out beheadings

Published July 20th, 2015 - 11:18 GMT

The ISIL terrorist group is teaching children to carry out beheadings by, among other things, showing them gruesome videos of decapitations in training camps, a report says.

The group is currently recruiting teenagers and children in areas under its control in Syria and Iraq by offering them gifts or threatening and brainwashing them, the Associated Press reported on Monday.

The report said that young people are shown videos at street booths in ISIL-held areas, where the terrorists hold outdoor events for children and give them drinks and candies.

The report cited the case of an Yazadi boy, identified as Yahya, who was captured by the terrorists last year during an ISIL attack on Yazadi towns in northern Iraq. Yahya escaped the Farouq training camp in the Syrian city of Raqqa.

He told AP that the kids were shown videos of beheadings and given a doll and a sword to practice decapitation.

“Then they taught me how to hold the sword, and they told me how to hit. They told me it was the head of the infidels,” Yahya said.

The 14-year-old added that he underwent training eight to ten hours a day for five months and the teachings included exercises, weapon drills and practicing shooting people from close range.

The militants force the youngsters to hit each other during the training.

The trainer “said if I didn’t do it, he’d shoot me,” Yahya said. “They beat us everywhere.”

According to the report, the trainings are part of ISIL’s efforts to create a new generation of terrorists.

The extremist group claims to run hundreds of training camps for children, with the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reporting that at least 1,100 children aged below 16 have joined the ranks of ISIL so far this year alone.

Last week, the terror group released new footage showing a boy decapitating a Syrian soldier under the supervision of an adult.

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