Defense Solutions Holding, Inc. / DFSH Appoints Kassem Talabani to Lead Business Efforts in Iraq

Published December 8th, 2009 - 09:53 GMT

Defense Solutions Holding, Inc.
(BULLETIN BOARD: DFSH) , announced the appointment of Iraqi national Kassem Talabani
to lead business development activities in Iraq.  Last week, Defense Solutions
announced that the firm is expanding operations to assist other firms to contract
directly with commercial and government organizations in Iraq.  "Kassem Talabani is
well known to Iraqi President Jalal Talabani, to the Prime Minister, and other
contemporary Iraqi political leaders.  He will be a great asset for expanding
opportunities as we move forward in Iraq," said Defense Solutions' Chief Executive
Officer, Colonel Timothy Ringgold, US Army (Retired).

Defense Solutions began working in Iraq in 2005 when it refurbished and supplied 77
Battle Tanks under contracts with NATO, the Iraq Defense Ministry, and the US Army.
Since then, Iraq's Ministry of Trade licensed Defense Solutions as one of relatively
few American firms authorized to conduct both defense and commercial business in
Iraq.  Defense Solutions' staff in Iraq consists of both US and Iraqi citizens, as
does the staff at the company headquarters near Philadelphia.

After the defeat of Saddam's Army by the US-led coalition in the 1990-1991 Gulf War,
Kassem Talabani joined the opposition group created to foment the overthrow of
then-Iraqi President Saddam Hussein.  From 1991 to 1997 Kassem Talabani managed the
headquarters operations for the Iraqi National Congress which represented the first
major attempt by opponents of Saddam to join forces, bringing together Kurds, Sunni
and Shi'ite Arabs.

Defense Solutions seeks contracts directly with the Iraqis.  "We believe that the
contracts we've seen represent the tip of the iceberg of the business opportunities
in Iraq.  Defense Solutions is seeking to identify other American companies with
competitive advantages against the European and Asian companies pouring into Iraq.
We anticipate additional oil, commodity, defense and commercial supply contracts in
the near term as Iraq continues to focus on both security and rebuilding," Ringgold

Defense Solutions is positioned to play a major role facilitating oil contracts with
the Iraqi Government.  In addition to oil, Defense Solutions is active in commodity
trading, road building and supplying of defense and security related products.

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