Democracy for Tamils Airs PSA to Raise Awareness

Published November 26th, 2009 - 02:55 GMT

 Democracy for Tamils (, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting democratic rights for Sri Lankan Tamils, this month airs a national TV ad campaign aimed at drawing US attention to the ongoing suffering of the over quarter million men, women and children who have been wrongly imprisoned by the Sri Lankan government following the end of the long-waged civil war.  The 30 second television spot airs throughout the month across major cities and highlights the humanitarian crisis brought about by the deplorable (and deteriorating) living conditions of the families in the Sri Lankan government’s internment camps.

Following the defeat of the Tamil Tigers in May of this year, the government of Sri Lanka interned approximately 280,000 innocent civilian survivors, about 10-percent of the total Tamil population in Sri Lanka.  In addition, the government has severely limited access to the camps to international Non Governmental Organizations (NGO), including the International Committee of Red Cross (ICRC) and United Nations- (UN) based organizations.  The media is also barred from the camps, enabling the Sri Lankan government to control press coverage and suppress a public outcry for the inhumane treatment of the surviving Sri Lankan Tamil civilians.

The TV spot, created to engage US-citizens to help with this cause, uses moving visual imagery (actual photos of those imprisoned), music and historical slogans and comparisons from other well-documented ethnic atrocities to demonstrate the dire circumstance that is currently playing out, with little to no US public awareness.

A copy of the PSA can be viewed here:


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