DFLP Rejects Resuming Negotiations on The Basis Of Oslo

Published November 27th, 2000 - 02:00 GMT

Nabil Al Mulhem 

Albawaba.com – Damascus 


The Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine has reiterated its rejection of resuming negotiations between the Palestinian and Israeli sides on the basis of the Oslo agreement and called for the continuation and escalation of Aqsa Intifada  

Asked to comment on an initiative proposed this week by Ahmad Qorei, Speaker of Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC), to return to the negotiating table, Fahed Suleiman, member of the DFLP Politburo, told Albawaba.com that his group “has not heard of this initiative, but it categorically rejects going back to the negotiations on the basis of their previous formula that led to a deadlock.” 

Qorei’s three-point initiative calls for a halt to Israeli aggression and an end to all measures against Palestinians, restoring security coordination between both sides and the holding of an international peace conference in which the UN takes part. 

For his part Suleiman said that a substantial change should be introduced in the way the negotiations were conducted, to ensure the following:  

1- The right of the Palestinian people to continue the Intifada and resistance as long as Palestinian land is occupied.  

2- Setting mechanisms for the implementation of the legitimate international resolutions 242/338 which assure the complete withdrawal of Israeli forces to the lines of June 4th, 1967 including east Jerusalem, and resolution number 194 regarding the return of the Palestinian refugees.  

3- The rejection of any attempt to evade these resolutions or push towards repeating negotiations about them.  

4- Break the American monopoly of the peace process and substitute its unilateral sponsorship with a multinational sponsorship with the participation of all effective international powers such as Russia, the European Union, China and United States”.  

The Politburo member of the Democratic Front, a Palestinian faction opposed to the Oslo agreements, believes that “the continuation of the Intifada and the Islamic, Arab and International solidarity with it, and the restoration of coordination between Arab countries whose lands are still occupied by Israel, such as Syria and Lebanon, will help in reaching a balanced peace. This peace will lead to the elimination of settlements ending the annexation of Jerusalem and preserving the right of return of refugees according to resolution number 194 in addition to the withdrawal of Israeli forces to the lines of June 4th, 1967.” 

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