Discovering the True Feelings of a Man: Farooq's Second Novel Delves Into the Psychology of Human Behavior

Published December 3rd, 2009 - 01:44 GMT

"A Magical Moment" (published by iUniverse) starts with a tragic message, "Brian (Buddy) Collins has died of a massive heart attack." Author Ayadh Farooq then begins to peel back the layers of Buddy's secret life, discovering a man torn apart by betrayal, loneliness and despair.

"The story has a lot to do with the psychology of human behavior, the capacity to think, the emotions, the mindset and most of all the inner mind!" Farooq said. "I believe that in one way or the other we are all born with an innate wisdom which allows us to differentiate right from wrong, giving us the acumen and logic of distinguishing proper social norms. We tend to draw out a 'second self,' which unknown to our conscious being is merely just the opposite. I call it the 'dark of the soul' -- a topic that is least understood."

When Buddy's triangle of friends loses him, the surviving friends piece together the remnants of a man's life. He has left behind a manuscript in which he shares his feelings of being deserted by his wife and young son. The manuscript includes details of Buddy's chance encounter with an enchanting young Tunisian woman named Jawhera, who is suffering from a seemingly mysterious illness. In her presence, Buddy is rejuvenated and regains his will to live, only to learn that his new love is in the final stages of a terminal disease.

Critics and other readers have said: "The book is interesting from the outset. The initial pages set up the story, although there are many more levels and plots than can be imagined from the first few pages," and, "The premise of the book is similar to that of The Big Chill, a movie that begins with the death of a young man and the repercussions of his death on his friends."

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