Doctor Stabbed in the Neck in UK Hate Crime

Published September 25th, 2017 - 08:59 GMT
The police are treating the attack as a hate crime and have arrested two people.
The police are treating the attack as a hate crime and have arrested two people.

An imam was rushed to hospital after he was stabbed outside a mosque by an attacker who reportedly made 'anti-Muslim comments'.

Police have launched an investigation after Dr. Nasser Kurdy was attacked with a knife outside the Altrincham Islamic Centre in Greater Manchester on Sunday.

Dr. Kurdy, 58, a consultant orthopedic surgeon, and some people had already made their way into the mosque when he was attacked at around 6 pm. He has been discharged from the hospital, according to his colleague Dr. Khalid Anis, a spokesman for the Altrincham & Hale Muslim Association, who said he was "very lucky". 

Greater Manchester Police is treating the attack as a hate crime and confirmed they have made two arrests.

A video posted on Facebook following reports of the stabbing purportedly shows the victim immediately after the attack. He can be seen sitting on a bench clutching at his neck and appears to be in some pain as people attend to him.



The footage shows them asking him about his attacker. At first, he appears unable to answer and another person is overheard saying he was 'hit' by something in a man's hand.

Dr. Anis, who was with his friend moments after the attack, said: "There were definitely abusive comments made by the attackers at the door of the mosque."

A spokesman for the Altrincham Islamic Centre told the Manchester Evening News: "Nothing like this has ever happened before and it does not reflect the community."

A friend of Dr. Kurdy said he will be kept in hospital overnight after ending up with a 3 cm wound. 

GMP's Detective Inspector Ben Cottam said: "As with any investigation, our primary concern is for the victim and, thanks to the quick response from our colleagues in the ambulance service, he is currently receiving treatment for his injuries.

"He was attacked in broad daylight as he made his way to the mosque and while we are yet to gather all the evidence, we can be sure that there is no place for hate crime on our streets and we will do all that we can to take action against those who jeopardise the safety of others."


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