Doha Assembly is one of the best conferences attended: the US Interpol Chief

Doha Assembly is one of the best conferences attended: the US Interpol Chief
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Published November 11th, 2010 - 09:34 GMT

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The Director of INTERPOL National Bureau at Washington Timothy Williams thanked the organizers of Doha INTERPOL for warm reception and generous hospitality. "All are delighted with warm welcome and great care they received and it has made the conference one of the outstanding and tremendous one. I can assure that this is one of the best General Assembly of INTERPOL held during my career in law enforcement field that accounts for 25 years", he said.

"The State of Qatar has presented an incredible work in organizing this conference where many people are participating. These type security assemblies will contribute in information exchange, enhancement of cooperation and exchange of expertise. I personally feel so excited being in Qatar, the generous host representing INTERPOL Washington", he added.

The director emphasized "INTERPOL agencies around the world are handling different issues such as terrorism, drugs and human trafficking. Every country across the world is affected by terrorism". He also clarified that the INTERPOL Complex in Singapore is a milestone in the history of INTERPOL as well as the new premises of INTERPOL in Qatar is also a comprehensive office equipped with all technologies and capabilities that will help INTERPOL personnel to do their work competently.

He also pointed out that the relation between INTERPOL Doha and INTERPOL Washington is excellent and the Doha office one of the offices the deal with information exchange at pace. "At INTERPOL Doha, the staffs are well trained, thanks to the facilities provided by the country to confront challenges. In US, there are 18 police agencies and Doha office is dealing with all these agencies through INTERPOL. I see that this office one of the most cooperative offices with INTERPOL Washington", he affirmed.

He also added that INTERPOL can achieve more success in the field of exchanging information rapidly but it requires more cooperation in the future. 

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