Double-Take® Software Bridges Gap Between Backup, Restore and Failover Technologies with Livewire™

Published October 20th, 2008 - 06:30 GMT

Double-Take® Software Bridges Gap Between Backup, Restore and Failover Technologies with Livewire™



New Offering Slashes Recovery Time by Leveraging Virtualization




Double-Take® Software (NASDAQ: DBTK), a leading infrastructure software company, today announced the release of Livewire™, which provides  continuous full system image backup to a centralized disk based recovery server that can be local or at a remote site.  Because it is a full system image, everything on the protected server including data, applications, operating system and configuration information is continuously replicated to the repository server allowing that entire server to be easily restored to its most recent state or to a previous point in time snapshot. Livewire can restore server images to dissimilar physical hardware or can automatically provision a virtual machine and restore a server image into it with a few simple steps.


Double-Take Software designed Livewire specifically to protect servers assigned to lower tiers of the disaster recovery plan.  These servers and the data on them are still important to the business, but they are not the first priority to recover in a time of disaster.  Traditionally, the lower recovery priority on these servers has relegated them to tape back-up, which requires a lengthy and manual tape restoration process, including the loss of any changes made since the last backup.  Servers protected by Livewire are kept up to date on disk and ready to recover to any physical or virtual machine in just hours – or less, depending on the size of the server to recover.


"Livewire from Double-Take Software offers a solution to a key but underserved segment of the Disaster Recovery marketplace as identified by IDC – protecting and recovering those servers which are "next" in importance to the organization.  Once the Tier One servers have been recovered, those "next" in line can be recovered within an hour or two, so that most of the IT infrastructure is back to pre-disaster levels of service," said James Baker, IDC Research Manager for Storage Software.  "Livewire works in physical, virtual, or mixed physical and virtual environments letting the user select the most optimal recovery point, time, and location for the organization."


Double-Take Software is offering Livewire as an affordable, feature-rich recovery product for secondary servers that automatically protect both physical and virtual servers with real-time replication and on-demand recovery by:


§  Providing continuous, full-server byte-level replication for both physical and virtual environments.

§  Lowering the total cost of operation with many-to-one configurations where many production systems can be protected to a single image server reducing the hardware required.

§  Integrating with industry-leading virtualization platforms like VMware® ESX server to automatically provision virtual machines for on-demand recovery.

§  Leveraging customers’ prior technology investments and existing infrastructure by not requiring specialized server or storage solutions to provide protection.

§  Offering an Enterprise Management Console interface designed to simplify protection and recovery management for hundreds or even thousands of production systems.

§  Offering an option for mass-scale physical to virtual (P to V) and physical to physical (P to P) migrations while providing the ability to repurpose the Livewire licenses after migration for ongoing protection.


“Much like our flagship product Double-Take®, Livewire provides continuous full system replication to eliminate data loss, but without the added expense of dedicated standby servers required to support immediate failover,” said Bob Roudebush, director of solutions engineering, Double-Take Software. “Additionally, because Livewire is hardware independent, it can restore server images to dissimilar physical hardware as well as automatically provision a virtual machine (VM) and restore a server image into the new VM with just a few simple steps.”


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