Dow unveils ‘Dow Inside’ program

Published December 17th, 2009 - 03:20 GMT

The Dow Chemical Company, a leader in science and technology, unveiled the new ‘Dow Inside’ program for power cable manufacturers and utilities. Introduced by Dow Wire & Cable, the objective of the program is to work with cable manufacturers to combine exceptional materials and higher quality standards to help produce cables with enhanced longevity, reliability and lower lifetime system cost.

The Middle East has been experiencing a demand for high-quality wire and cable materials, driven by growth in the power distribution and transmission sectors. The launch of ‘Dow Inside’ builds on Dow Wire & Cable’s strong presence in the Middle East by offering regional cable manufacturers an ideal platform for the production of high quality cables that provide reliable transmission and longevity, two critical factors in the Middle East market.

“Dow Wire & Cable has a long heritage of standing behind its products and technology solutions with its deep knowledge of the power industry backed by the resources of the entire Dow Chemical Company,” said Tim Laughlin, General Manager, Dow Wire & Cable. “Now we’re bringing even more to the table through agreements with strategic customers and a new set of global standards that may even exceed industry requirements anywhere in the world.”

Dow Wire & Cable is working with selected cable manufacturers to combine Dow’s material and technology expertise with one of the best cable manufacturing processes with an agreement that all cables produced through such joint effort will help meet higher global standards. In return, these cable makers would benefit from Dow’s forward-thinking technology, proven products, enhanced service and the strength of a creative and responsive supplier that can offer a competitive edge in a demanding industry.

For utilities, the benefit is access to a high-quality network of sourcing options that not only provides great cables for low cost over the lifetime of the power system, but also delivers enhanced reliability in the most demanding conditions.

The Dow Inside program is reinforced by the first of many product families, DOW ENDURANCE™ insulation and semiconductive materials for medium, high and extra-high voltage cables. As new products and technologies are commercialized, they will be integrated into the Dow Inside program through fostering the right relationships in the power industry value chain.
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