du and Vodafone implement next phase of exclusive Partner Market Agreement

Published October 29th, 2009 - 08:09 GMT

Bringing its customers all the benefits enjoyed by the world’s largest mobile community, du today announced that it has taken its Partner Market agreement with leading global operator Vodafone to the next stage of implementation. The non-equity strategic agreement, effective from January of this year, enables both companies to better meet the needs of their respective customers in the UAE.


du and Vodafone are now looking at ways to maximise further the collaborative potential of the Partner Market agreement. Additional joint initiatives being explored include mobile broadband connectivity products, secure remote mobile access for small business users, converged email solutions, faster and exclusive access to new models of handsets.


du is benefitting from Vodafone’s global presence and Vodafone is gaining valuable local insights from the UAE’s fastest-growing operator. For example, du is able to leverage Vodafone’s expertise in roaming worldwide, technology development, enterprise customer relationship management, global sourcing, and other key areas.


In addition, du and Vodafone are working together in areas ranging from marketing and network development to the provision of innovative products and services. du enjoys exclusive access to Vodafone’s range of products, devices and services in the UAE.

By partnering with du, Vodafone has gained access to the operator’s state-of-the-art 3G network. This allows Vodafone to offer its customers extensive coverage while roaming in the UAE. du and Vodafone are also working closely to provide additional support to Vodafone Global Enterprise customers with a presence in the UAE.


Commenting on the agreement’s implementation to date, Richard Daly, CEO, Vodafone Partner Markets, commented: “The Partner Market Agreement with du has already increased Vodafone’s brand recognition and improved our ability to service customers roaming in the UAE; we are delighted with progress to date.  The UAE is a key market with a growing population, and going forward, the agreement with du puts us in an ideal position to provide exceptional network coverage for our customers as well as explore additional collaborative opportunities.”


Emphasising the mutual benefits of the partnership, Osman Sultan, CEO, du, said: “The strategic alliance with Vodafone is an excellent example of how du is working with leading global firms to enhance its telecom offerings and develop best practices that will benefit all mobility users in the UAE. Partnering with Vodafone has given du and its customers all the advantages of being part of the world’s largest international mobile network, which, combined with our proven local experience, is already resulting in expanded service offerings."

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