Dubai Customs highlights its partnership management methodology

Published December 27th, 2009 - 10:25 GMT

Dubai Customs organized on Sunday 20th December 2009 the annual meeting with its strategic partners as part of the cooperative and communication relations with them.
Partners were informed of the principles and applications of the partnership management methodology being adopted at Dubai Customs that have been designed in consistence with Dubai Government Excellence Programme (DGEP) criteria and requirements.

The meeting was attended by Dr. Ahmed Saeed Bin Hazeem, the Director General of Dubai Courts, a number of government officials and representatives of Consulates missions and business centers.

While opening the meeting on behalf of Mr. Ahmed Butti Ahmed, Director General of Dubai Customs Mr. Yousef Al Sahlawi, the Senior Executive Director of Corporate Affairs at Dubai Customs affirmed that the methodology was based on building robust and outstanding relations with Customs partners from inside and outside the country in a manner benefiting all parties.

“the outstanding relations and the exchange of expertise, which constituted the basis of partnership with such organizations, have contributed to the achievements and successes made by Dubai Customs at regional and international levels as well as to the development of customs service delivery standards in line with UAE trend in general and Dubai Government vision in particular”, he said.

“DGEP criteria in connection with partnership management match best international criteria underlining the importance of adopting and exchanging best practices relative to business processes and systems including partners’ satisfaction and loyalty improvement,” he affirmed.

“Dubai Customs partners circle is expanding to include organizations and agencies from inside and outside UAE. Dubai Customs made great efforts over the past years to build bridges of communication and distinguished partnership relations with these agencies as to help us in achieving our strategic objective mainly to effectively sustain the economic and social development in UAE in general and Dubai in particular including provision of adequate ways of protecting our local society,” he explained.
“Our strategic vision includes sustaining what we have achieved being a key and important player in supporting legitimate international trade and fulfilling international obligations through the business processes in place and the distinguished cooperative relations with our partners from inside and outside the UAU,” he maintained.

Al Sahlawi added that Dubai Customs was the leading government department in establishing a dedicated business unit within its organizational structure dealing with the community affairs and government partnership comprising of higher level competent team.

The unit seeks to promote the organizational partnerships with all government departments and organizations as well as its initiatives on the area of social responsibility.

Praising the importance of this meeting, which comes in line with Dubai Government trends towards the significance of the operational communication and integration among government departments, Dr. Ahmed Bin Hazeem, Director General of Dubai Courts said:

“Dubai Customs is the one of the important Dubai Courts` strategic partners.”

“Integration between Government departments in Dubai is a vital issue for promoting government services in general, which being achieved through cooperation, coordination and exchange of expertise and business practices. The successful management of such partnerships and integration flows into the direction of government services excellence,” Dr. Hazeem added.

Dr. Hazeem underlined the importance of caring for knowledge element in strengthening competitiveness capabilities.

“The knowledge issue is one of the important resources that should properly be managed”, he said.

Dr. Hazeem maintained that a considerable range of knowledge had been generated in Dubai over the past decade arising out from the emirate development in different spheres expecting the growth of such dimension over the upcoming period.

Emphasizing on such meeting, Engineer Hamad Bu Ameem, the Director General of Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry said:

“Dubai Customs has presented a model for the government business integration and the promotion of the partnership management principles and rules.”

Engineer Bu Ameem pointed out to Government Unified Team Project, which adopted and led by Dubai Customs comprising of a number of Federal Ministries and government departments including Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The Unified Team won DGEP Award for 2008-2009 and honored by HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President of the UAE and Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai.

Mr. Abbas Makki, Director of External Relations Department at Dubai Customs delivered during the meeting a presentation demonstrating principles and concepts of Customs partnership management methodology.

“Dubai Customs was keen on strengthening its different partnerships and develop it in a way ensuring its sustainability and growth,” said Mr. Makki.

“Great efforts have been made to develop a scientific and systematic framework to measure, assess and review such partnership within the partnership management methodology business plan and mechanism as to ensure joint performance improvement,” he added.

“Our strategy aims at conducting annual surveys to identify partners’ opinion and their satisfaction measurement as well as measuring the impact of applying the methodology on the corporate performance development”. He said.

At the end of the meeting, Mr. Al Sahlawi honored the most prominent partners who have played a remarkable role in developing and facilitating customs business and improving customs operations in general. Certificates of appreciation and Customs shields were given out to them.

The list of honored partners included Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Federal Customs Authority, Abu Dhabi Customs, Fujairah Customs, Umm Al Qwain Chamber of Commerce and Industry, General Administration of Residency and Foreigners’ Affairs, Dubai Courts, Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Dubai Municipality, Dubai Police Headquarters, Road and Transport Authority, Dubai Department of Health and Medical services, Dubai Electricity and Water Authority, Dubai General Prosecution, German Commercial Attaché, British Commercial Attaché, French Commercial Attaché, National Committee of Shipping and Supply and a number of other strategic partners. 

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