Dubai eGovernment deploys Enterprise Asset Management system at Dubai Municipality

Published May 31st, 2010 - 09:23 GMT

Dubai eGovernment Department has tapped its Government Resource Planning (GRP) System to implement Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) at Dubai Municipality's Public Transport Department, which oversees the maintenance of over 2,000 light to heavy vehicles and monitors and controls the movement of equipment and the supply of spare parts.

The new system will enable the department to extend the life span of its assets and enhance productivity by accurately following up the maintenance of vehicles, equipment, and production tools through a huge database that helps in monitoring the extent of damages, estimating repair costs, optimizing preventive maintenance plans, upgrading asset management and planning and distributing available resources.

Functions covered by the EAM system include inputting vehicle maintenance data, automating preventive maintenance procedures by depending on the already specified operating activities, monitoring vehicle registration, expediting corrective maintenance procedures and efficiently managing consumption of spare parts. Other functions include integration with other fields of work including fuel orders and maintenance of vehicles damaged by accidents as well as benefiting from the reports on major performance indices in decision-making processes and linking the maintenance system with the fuel consumption system.

The Public Transport Department of Dubai Municipality just recently began operating the EAM system after being adjusted to conform to all the planning modules found within Dubai eGovernment's GRP System in terms of finance, procurement, warehouse management, and HR and payroll management, among others. The system is currently providing several services such as empowering the management and supervision team to see the progress made in each maintenance work separately, efficiently following up asset management costs, generating many reports and approving the issuance of items in accordance with the specified hierarchical order.

Ahmed Bin Humaidan, Director General of Dubai eGovernment, said: "The EAM system was implemented by the GRP Systems Department with the aim of carrying out the maintenance of vehicles and equipment and ensuring the supply of spare parts at the municipality. Its deployment is an important step for enhancing the effectiveness and productivity of the municipality's Public Transport Department. The new system provides the department with effective tools that will contribute to improving asset management and increasing profits by following the best preventive maintenance methods, ensuring optimal asset productivity, reducing costs and maintaining the sustainability of services. The new system offered by Dubai eGovernment also allows automation of data related to maintenance operations and asset management. Shortly after the system's launch, its database included 2,000 orders for preventive maintenance of cars, 254 orders for corrective maintenance, 48 procurement orders and 486 transactions related to the supply of spare parts. We look forward to cooperating further with Dubai Municipality as it is highly committed to adopting the best practices and leading systems for the provision of government services at the highest level of quality and excellence in line with Dubai Strategic Plan 2015 and its goal of building a knowledge-based economy."

Bin Humaidan added: "As with all applications provided by Dubai eGovernment to Dubai's local departments and agencies, we have leveraged the skills and effort of our human resources to implement the system at Dubai Municipality by coordinating directly with concerned parties in accordance with the best investment policy of human and financial resources."

For his part, Hussain Lootah, Director General of Dubai Municipality said: "The GRP Systems that are being implemented by Dubai eGovernment in 29 government agencies up till now include 25 integrated systems; as these systems represent the cornerstone upon which the government departments depend in the management of its key resources effectively. These systems include the Human Resources, payroll, financial, purchasing, warehouse systems, and asset management systems and other automated systems that increase the efficiency of the departments and facilitate cooperation with other external parties that it deals with such as job applicants, government customers and government suppliers."

"These systems help Dubai Government employees to work with greater efficiency as it offers enhanced integration, automation and support for the reporting function. Moreover, Dubai Municipality in collaboration with Dubai eGovernment is keen to introduce such systems in line with the goals of Dubai Strategic Plan 2015 of achieving government excellence and building an integrated knowledge based society," added Lootah.

Humaid Al-Marri, Director of Transportation Department at Dubai Municipality: "We are implementing the EAM system in line with our focus on supporting Dubai's process of eTransformation as it will help automate and increase productivity of preventive maintenance and asset management and enables optimal planning of our existing resources. We are keen to continue our collaboration with Dubai e-Government to implement the second phase of the system and also adopt more systems that support our future plans to enhance the quality of services and basic infrastructure to strengthen Dubai's leading position in knowledge-based economy." 

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