Dubai Judicial Institute launches Special Training Program for Judicial Police in line with efforts to develop human capital

Published July 25th, 2010 - 08:12 GMT

Dubai Judicial Institute (DJI), a leading centre of law studies and judicial training in Dubai, has recently announced the launch of a new program targeting Judicial Police. The program aims to habilitate and qualify judicial police officers working at all federal and local government departments. The move is in line with DJI's mission to maintain its leading role in promoting legal awareness in society, while reinforcing communication lines with legal and judicial experts and professionals from different sectors of the society to share information, trends and best practices in the legal and judicial systems. These efforts are ultimately geared to help realise the Dubai Strategic Plan 2015 and its main objectives in terms of security, justice and safety.

The Judicial Officers Program targets male and female officers who handle cases of infractions committed by individuals or institutions according to control standards based on specific scientific grounds. In addition, the program will help judicial officers obtain skills and abilities required to keep up with local, regional and international challenges. The program also helps the Department of Health, Customs, Roads and Transport Authority, Aviation departments, and the Department of Tourism in establishing deeply rooted standards of the behavioural tendencies that the judicial officers should acquire, which will ensure a consistently high-level of service, promote security and justice, and reinforce the society's laws.

Commenting on the program, Dr. Judge Jamal Alsumaiti, Director General of DJI, said, "Targeting the judicial police, this new program is another milestone in the continuing success achieved by DJI in adopting professional programs for Dubai Courts, the Ministry of Labour and other leading government bodies. We are pleased with this new level of cooperation as it educates judicial police officers with best practices, legal concepts, and important tools required to develop reasoning, analysis, challenge management and decision-making mechanisms and strategies. Through this initiative, we aim to develop a comprehensive program that will be implemented in Dubai and across the UAE, making the Institute the main reference for such implementations at all local and Federal Government institutions and departments. The Judicial Officers Program will be implemented as a three-part program held three times annually at the institute or hosted by the targeted institution. Under this program, we confirm that we are fully prepared to tailor and implement specific programs as requested by any government institution and according to its needs and special requirements."

Alsumaiti added, "We are looking forward to launch new high-level training initiatives in the near future according to our strategic plan, which is supported by a comprehensive scheme to develop continuous vocational habilitation and training programs that comply with the highest standards. This will enable us to actively contribute in ongoing efforts to enhance the human capital and promote the role of the judicature in achieving comprehensive growth, and substantiating the principles of justice, equity and transparency in the UAE."

The Dubai Judicial Institute was established in 1996 to help educate and train aspiring judges, prosecutors and their assistants, legal experts and lawyers. DJI also offers habilitation programs for public prosecutors to enhance their efficiency. The Institute provides training and consultancy services to various public and private sector agencies and institutions and conducts local, regional and global research and studies on all areas of law and jurisdiction. 

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