Dubai Silicon Oasis-Based Sensehere Technology Introduces Breakthrough Low Power Wireless Technologies to Region

Published August 1st, 2010 - 09:01 GMT

Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority (DSOA) today announced Sensehere Technology, a new generation wireless technology producer and fabless chip developer, commenced operations at the integrated free zone technology park.

The announcement coincides with Sensehere's introduction of patented low-power consuming 'mixed signal processors' for wireless signal networks (WSN) in the region.

Wireless sensors, vital measurement tools for data harvesting, are also referred to as the digital eyes, ears and nose of computing. WSN technology is used to monitor and measure a number of factors such as temperature, pressure, movement, acoustics, chemicals and biological changes among other quantifiable aspects.

Tan Rasab, CEO Sensehere Technology said: "The technology is intended to be used with low power wireless sensing devices targeting fast growing sectors and widely applied in manufacturing, commercial and residential sectors. When designing the mixed signal processor, our topmost priority was system optimization and energy efficiency. This is meant to achieve short and long-term savings by offering optimal sensor design that significantly reduce the lifetime deployment and installation costs of wireless sensors

"With the market for WSNs expected to reach US$20 billion by 2015, a great window of opportunity opens up for us to introduce and expand our presence in the region and abroad. Our operations from Dubai Silicon Oasis give us an ideal base to approach international companies operating in Dubai as well as reach out to companies in the Middle East region and beyond including China, India and Africa," Tan added.

WSN technology is widely applied in monitoring and sensing applications in oil, gas, mining, utilities, smart building management and healthcare. Sensehere Technology's mixed signal processor uses significantly less battery power than competing products and will be used in breakthrough sensing, monitoring and tracking technologies.

Ray Milhem, Chief Technology Officer at DSOA, said: "The introduction of the mixed signal processors stands as a great success for Sensehere Technology. A success for our clients is a success for DSOA and knowing that our clients are reaching their true potential keeps us motivated to continue excelling at our services and offerings. We will remain committed to raising the innovation benchmarks by offering world class solutions and amenities to help create greater opportunities for our clients."

Wireless sensor network consists of hundreds or thousands of low cost nodes that could either have fixed location or randomly deployed to monitor the environments. Sensehere's mixed signal processor for WSNs uses up to 90 per cent less power for communication data between the nodes around the system.

The team behind Sensehere Technology which includes some of the world's leading experts on low power wireless has developed numerous solutions for international clients including wireless location-based services, navigation software and devices, real time location tracking solutions, fleet management solutions, geographical information systems (GIS), mobile health ware, anti-jamming communication technology, M2M communications, GSM and GPS tracking systems, oil well monitoring systems and ground penetrating radar. The founders' scope of work ranges from concept inception to deployment of services and devices for use with various wireless networks including GSM, CDMA, Tetra, IDEN, UMTS, Wi-Fi, Zigbee and Bluetooth.

Dubai Silicon Oasis is a wholly-owned entity of the Government of Dubai and operates as a free zone technology park for the semiconductor, microelectronic and other high technology-based companies looking to set up their regional headquarters and R&D facilities in the Middle East and Africa region. 

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