Dubai Women’s College Bachelor students learn importance of Project Management

Published December 28th, 2009 - 10:16 GMT
Dubai Women’s College hosted recently Mr. Richard Vaughan, Managing Partner of VSH International and a Fellow of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). Mr. Vaughan spoke to DWC students about Project Management, as part of their Bachelors General Business course. With over 20 years of professional experience in Europe and the Middle East, Mr. Vaughan is an influential specialist in Construction Consultancy and Project Management industry with deep practical knowledge of the disciplines which he generously shared with the students.
After giving a brief introduction on the history of Project Management, Mr. Vaughan provided students with constructive and useful recommendations on how to successfully lead projects using company’s resources most effectively. He also gave examples of how Project Management adds value to the modern workplace emphasizing that fact that project management principles can be used in any sphere of business in order to achieve improved results.
“To be able to manage a company on a macro level, you have to understand all the processes of Project Management in detail,” said Mr. Vaughan who encouraged students to take advantage of being in the learning process and deeply understand the micro level of the processes.
DWC students were extremely attentive and asked questions on a variety of topics including Cost Management and IT. Ms. Hamda Mahmood, a Bachelor student of General Business said, "The seminar on Project Management was helpful as it exposed me to the technique and method of project management in real world. I was able to see the benefit and the use of project management in the current times."
“We believe in keeping our students updated with current practices in the industry and using a-hands on approach to learning, and the lively and interactive discussion at the seminar provided for an enhanced learning experience for the students” said Dr. Sitalakshmi Ramanan, Business Faculty at DWC. Mr. Vaughan noted in his conclusion that it was an honor to present the lecture at Dubai Women’s College and also wished the students success in their studies.

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