Ducab Strategic Partner for Dubai Quality Group

Published June 18th, 2009 - 05:40 GMT

The Dubai Quality Group DQG, announced the continuation of its strategic partnership with Ducab the leading manufacturer of high quality power cables in the Middle East, for the fifteenth year in a raw. This comes in line with the Dubai Quality Group strategy of setting quality standards in the industrial sector, and ensuring the implementations of best management practices at all levels.
This partnership reflects Ducab’s strive to apply the highest international standards of quality management systems, especially after Ducab’s continued support to all the initiatives undertaken by the DQG especially in disseminating organizational excellence in the UAE.
Mr. Osama Al Rahma, Vice Chairman of Dubai Quality Group, said “
“Ducab is one of the very first strategic partners of DQG since its inception in 1994,  and thus is one of the founders of DQG. Ducab has always extended its great support to us, enabling us to emphasise the importance of the implementations of organizational excellence, therefore we are happy to provide Ducab with the necessary support to contribute to maintaining the quality level which Ducab has reached in the middle east, we will also highlight all Ducab’s initiatives to our new members.”
“Our strong relationship with Ducab is the result of the fruitful cooperation over a period of five years during which DQG provided the UAE business community with its consultancy services, training programs and workshops.”
On His side Mr. Mohammed Al Quraishi, Director of Internal Audit and Government Relations at Ducab said:
"Our continued support to the Dubai Quality Group is a great honour, and is a confirmation of our commitment towards adopting the highest quality standards. Through this cooperation we also look to highlight some of our achievements in the field of Quality, which we have worked hard for, and will always strive to maintain, to always stay the leaders in the cable industry in the UAE, the region and the Middle East.”

Ducab is one of the most modern industrial units in the region, it has acquired many awards in the fields of excellence and quality, such as the Mohammed Bin Rashid Business Excellence Award 2009 for its achievements in the manufacturing sector, the Investment Corporation of Dubai (ICD) Chairman’s Award for Outstanding Economic Value Creation in the Industrial Sector.

“We are proud to have accomplished all of this with Emarati expertise, this is what we would like to see all over the UAE, in all business practises,  therefore we work hand-in-hand with the Dubai Quality Group to raise awareness of the importance of quality and its implementation in the UAE.”Concluded Al Quraishi.
Dubai Quality Group is the main driving force behind various initiatives that aim at improving the business practises in the UAE, through promoting quality standards. The Group welcomes all institutions and individuals interested in exchanging ideas; information and expertise with the goal of promoting business excellence in the UAE. The Group has members varying from prominent organizations and bodies to academic institutions both in the UAE and abroad.


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