Ebn Sina Introduces Latest Wound Care, Seizures and Cancer pain management treatments During Qatar Health

Ebn Sina Introduces Latest Wound Care, Seizures and Cancer pain management treatments During Qatar Health
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Published December 12th, 2010 - 14:34 GMT

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Ebn Sina Medical, one of the largest suppliers of pharmaceuticals in the State of Qatar and the main sponsor for Qatar Health 2010, has introduced the latest Wound Care, Seizure and Cancer pain management treatments and medicines to be profiled at the Health Congress, being held at the Doha Exhibition Center.

"This year at Qatar Health we have bought three new categories of medicines, these include wound care management, treatments for controlling seizures and convulsions, pain management for cancer patients" said Ms. Mirvat Rimawi, Assistant General Manager, Ebn Sina Medical. She confirmed that the new categories of medicines are the very latest and are unparalleled in the treatment of wound care and pain management.

First and In wound care dressing, Ebn Sina Medical has brought the innovation of the "Safetac Technology", which leaves no scars and offers a painless patient experience. This is a huge step forward from the current wound care management available in health care facilities in Qatar.

Second for controlling Epileptic seizures and convulsions in patients who do not respond to traditional medication, we have introduced a breakthrough technology during Qatar Health. A very small device called "The Vagus Nerve Stimulation System (VNS)", which can be implanted under the skin of the patient suffering seizures or convulsions. Research has shown that this device has been effective in reducing symptoms by at least 50% in many patients," said Mr. Khaled M. Nagy, Marketing Manager of Ebn Sina Medical Company.

Third, an effective pain management is an important medical discipline, especially in the treatment for cancer patients. The new technology comes with fewer side effects and is proved to be more effective in controlling pain than oral or inject able pain killers.

"Patients undergoing cancer treatment often suffer considerable pain. Traditional sedation is generally not effective in reducing pain. The new device is a patch, which can be placed on the skin of the patient. It reduces pain more effectively, without the patient having to suffer from peaks of pain," Mr. Nagy added. 

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