Ecobility introduces LED lamp that can run for 625 hours on 1 dirham worth of electricity

Published May 23rd, 2010 - 07:26 GMT

Ecobility Energy Solutions LLC, the UAE’s private sector pioneer in sustainability solutions, announced today that it has launched a line of advanced LED lamps aimed to replace halogen spotlights under its “ILLUME LED” product family.


The new ILLUME LED “SpotOn” lamps combine the familiar shape of halogen lamps with the long life and energy-efficiency of LED technology.  Available in 4 watt and 8 watt models, replacing 20-35 watt and 35-50 watt halogen lamps respectively, they boast a rated average life of 50,000 hours lasting 25 times longer than their inefficient counterparts.  In practical terms, this means SpotOn lamps are 5 times more efficient than halogen lamps and will not need to be replaced for 25 years in five hour/day operation or as much as six years if used around the clock. 

SpotOn lamps are currently available in warm white and cool white color options as well as two different beam angles to create a variety of possible illumination styles. Because these lamps have the same standard bi-pin base, they are simple and easy to use as replacements in standard halogen fixtures.

Karim Aly, Director of Strategy & Innovation said “We are proud to unveil the new SpotOn line which is ground breaking in its design and performance. It offers our customers an LED alternative to halogen lights featuring dramatic cost savings, a low environmental impact and competitive pricing - all nicely designed into a small package.”


ILLUME LED SpotOn lamps are an ideal retrofit solution for accent and general lighting applications in commercial, retail and hospitality locations.  They are particularly suited to public areas such as receptions, lobbies, corridors, stairwells and washrooms, areas where the lights are always on.

LED technology has the potential to significantly reduce electricity consumption in the UAE, and the technology is advancing quickly but not all LED light products are created equal. 

SpotOn lamps deliver a level of brightness which is among the highest in the industry without compromising on the quality of light.  The line has been designed and engineered to feature an active thermal management technology, which further enhances the efficiency and lifespan of the lamps. 

Although they cost more than traditional halogen lamps, the economics to the user are extremely attractive, with a payback period of as little as 8 months and up to 90% operational cost savings, year after year, in energy and replacement costs.  Moreover, since they emit 90% less heat, they also keep room temperatures down placing less demand on air conditioning.


According to Wadah Abusin, Director of Commercial Opportunities; Business savvy facility managers that were given a preview of the ILLUME LED SpotOn lamps have already started placing orders to retrofit their facilities.  “Once they did the performance comparison, saw the quality of lighting and experienced the energy reductions and maintenance cost savings from not having to regularly replace burnt out lamps, SpotOn LED lamps emerged as a very wise investment with a compelling business case for itself and for the environment.”

With the ILLUME LED SpotOn lamps, Ecobility has brought industry leading performance in LED lighting to the UAE. Aly added: “Through our demonstrated expertise in sustainable innovation, Ecobility continues to deliver break through, energy-efficient solutions that meet customer needs while championing environmental responsibility and driving a brighter and more sustainable future for the generations to come.”

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