The Economic and Business History of Egypt and the Middle East

Published May 18th, 2010 - 07:09 GMT

Seventh Annual Forum
The Economic and Business History of Egypt and the Middle East


Saturday, May 22- Tuesday, May 25, 2010



General Coordinator:
The Economic and Business History Research Centre (EBHRC), AUC

Co-organizers (in alphabetical order):
The Economic and Business History Research Centre (EBHRC) 
Middle East Studies Center, AUC (MESC)
Partners in Development for Research, Consulting & Training (PID)
The Supreme Council of Culture (SCC)
National Center for Translation (NCT)



Narrative Sessions

 Organizer: PID
 Language: Arabic
 Venue: AUC, Downtown Campus, Oriental Hall
09:00-9:30            Coffee, welcome and registration
9:30-11:30             Session I
Success Stories of Industrialization in Egypt
Chair: Mustapha Al-Sayyid (PID)
Speakers: Hamdy Weihba (Arab Organization for Industrialization)
Ahmad El Sewedy (El Sewedy Group)
Mohamed Dawood (Aal-Dawood for Engineering Equipment)
Mahmoud Ibrahim Nasr (Central Metallurgical Research and Development Institute)

11:30-12:00            Coffee break

12:00-2:00             Session II
The Crisis of Textiles Industry in Egypt
Chair: Mohamed Qassim (International Company for Textiles)
Speakers: Amira Hadad (Cairo University)
Mohsen Gilany (Holding Company for Textiles)
Fadil Marzouq (Giza Factory for Textiles)
Mohamed Abdel Salam (Habiba Factory for Textiles)

2:00-3:00             Lunch 

3:00-5:00           Session III  
Work Culture in Egypt: Studying Egyptian Industry Labor
Chair: Ibrahim Awad (International Labor Organization)
Speakers: Safwan Thabit (6th of October Business Association)
Faysal Yunis (Cairo University)
Salwa Abdel Baqi (Ain Shams University)
Mr. Kamal Abbas (Centre for Trade Union and Workers' Services)

5:00-5:30        Coffee break




 Language: English
 Venue: AUC, Downtown Campus, Oriental Hall
Chair: Hossam Issa

 5:15-6:45       Chris Wrigley (Nottingham University) - British Trade Unions:                          Some historical and Comparative Perspectives  
SUNDAY, MAY 23, 20

Young Scholars Sessions
Language: English
Venue: SCC, Cairo Opera House, Council Hall

   9:30-11:30     Round Table
Chair: Malak Rouchdy (AUC)

Karim Khashaba ( - Snapshots on the Identity of the Egyptian Youth
Farida Makar (AUC) - The Beatles in Egypt
Salma Mansour  (Citadel Capital) - New Law, Old Problems: The Egyptian Rent Control Dilemma
Alia Mosallam (LSE) - Remembering Otherwise: The Aswan High-Dam through Nubian Lyrics
Seif Rabei (General Authority for Investment) - An Egyptian Trip into China's Progress
Sara El Sayeh (AUC) - A Literary Reflection of Nasser's Egypt

11:30-11:45    Coffee Break

 11:45-01:00   Special Session on Civic Engagement
Friends of the Egyptian Railroads Association (under establishment) -Saving the Egyptian Railroads Museum
03:00-05:00        Panel I
Chair: Ellis Goldberg (University of Washington)

Amr Adly (EUI) - Politically-Embedded Cronyism: The Case of Post-Liberalization Egypt
Nihal Elbanna (AUC) - The Case of Misr Textile Company, the Labor Movements in Egypt and their Effects on Industrial Policies 
Nancy Elshami (Columbia University)- Public Sector to Privatization:
Egyptian Industry between the Political Economies of Nasser and Sadat
Dina Makram Ebeid (LSE) - Main Findings from Fieldwork: The Experience of the Egyptian Iron and Steel Plant through Time
05:00-05:15       Coffee Break
05:15-07:15      Panel II   
                     Chair : Robert Tignor (Princeton University)
Omar Cheta (NYU) - Commerce and Law in the Mid-Nineteenth Century: Cairo's Merchant Court
Justin Hoyle (AUC) - The Syrian Intelligentsia in Cairo and World War I
Murad Sinot (AUC) - The "Enlightenment" of the Coptic Elites at the Turn of the Twentieth Century 
Joseph Yackley (University of Chicago) - Far From Peripheral: Egypt's Response to the Bankruptcy of 1875
Mohamed Fahmy Menza (Exeter) - Who are the Lesser Notables? Historical Background and Modes of Production and Circulation, Affiliation, and Political Roles 

07:15-07:30      Coffee Break   

SUNDAY, MAY 23, 2010- Continued

Translation Salon
Language:  Arabic  & English
Venue: SCC, Cairo Opera House, Council Hall
7:30-9:30 Lord Cromer: Victorian Imperialist, Edwardian Proconsul, 2005.

Chair: Gaber Assfour
Discussant: Khaled Fahmy (New York University)
Author: Roger Owen (Harvard University)
 MONDAY, MAY 24, 2010

Conference Papers on
“Anglo Egyptian Business Relations since the mid 19th Century"
Language: Arabic& English
Venue: SCC, Cairo Opera House, Council Hall

 10:00-12:00     Panel I
Chair: Terry Gourvish (London School of Economics)

Terry Gourvish (London School of Economics) - Anglo-Egyptian Business History: Retrospect and Prospect
Assem El Desouky  -  Balta-Liman Treaty (1838) and the Development of British Business Activity in Egypt (1841-1914)
Kevin D. Tennent (Open University Business School) - Investment on the Nile: British Investment Companies and Egypt c.1882-1914
Naglaa Abd Almawgood - Egypt and the 1907 Financial Crisis

 12:30-02:30     Panel II
Chair: Roger Owen (Harvard university)

Ahmed Elsherbiny - Cotton in Anglo Egyptian Business Relations in the Second Half of the 19th Century
Peter Lyth (Nottingham University Business School) - ‘Cruising up the Nile’: British Tourists in Egypt from Thomas Cook to Sharm el-Sheik  
Abeer Hassan  - Tobacco Trade and Anglo Egyptian Relations

05:00-07:00    Panel III
Chair: Mohamed Afifi

Mohamed Mabrouk– The National Bank of Egypt: A British Bank?!
Abd El Latif Al Sabbagh - Britain and Bank Misr’s Companies in the 1930’s
 Eman Amer– The Image of Banks in the Egyptian Film Industry

 07:30-09:30    Panel IV
Chair : Latifa Salem

Dilwyn Porter (DeMontfort University) - A Game of Consequences: the London Financial Press and the Suez Crisis
Emad Helal- Egypt's Economic Aid and its Role in Britain’s Victory in World War II
Mohamed El Demerdash - Anglo Egyptian Business Relations: War Consequences and Egyptianization Prospects (1939-1957)



Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Corporate Heritage and Corporate History
Hosted by: Egyptian Businessmen Association (EBA)
Language: English
Venue: EBA- 21, Giza St, Nile Tower (Misr Hall)
  9:00-9:30          Coffee, welcome and registration

9:30-10:45        Robert Tignor (Princeton University) - The Egyptian Private Sector:  Historical                                          Perspectives on a Delicate Plant.            
   Chair: Hussein Sabour (Chairman Egyptian Businessmen Association)      

 10:45-11:00       Coffee Break

 11:00-12:30         Tina Staples (HSBC) - “Corporate Heritage through Corporate Archives”
Chair: Steve Urgola (AUC)

12:30-12:45         Coffee Break

12:45-2:00           Don Babai (Harvard University) - The Evolution of Family Firms in the Gulf: Insights from Saudi Arabia       
  Chair: Adel Gazarin (Egyptian Businessmen Association)


Organizers: EBHRC &MESC
Language: English
Venue: SCC, Cairo Opera House, Council Hall

7:00-9:00      Ellis Goldberg (University of Washington) The Development of Political Economy in the Context of Early 20th Century Egypt                                                                                      

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