Economic Zones World lends support to environmental awareness campaign, ‘Our Earth – We Will’

Published April 6th, 2010 - 02:12 GMT
Al Bawaba
Al Bawaba

Economic Zones World, parent company of Jafza, Gazeley, TechnoPark and DAZ, has lent its support to ‘Our Earth – We Will’, a global environmental awareness campaign created to educate people, particularly children about the dangers of global warming and the actions that are needed to remedy the situation.
The initiative aims to collect green messages from celebrities and dignitaries from across the world on individual yards of eco-silk fabric, which will be sewn together to form a one kilometer long banner which will be showcased – end to end, this year in June at the South Pole. over 1250 people have signed the banner so far including His Excellency Mohammed Saeed Al Kindi, Minister of Environment and Water, UAE, Habiba Al Marashi, Chairperson, Emirates Environment Group and Member, UN Global Impact, as well as celebrities such as Elton John, Amitabh Bachchan, David Beckham, Donald Trump, and author of the Harry Potter Series, J.K. Rowling. The banner, expected to be the longest in the world, will then be folded back and taken around the world to raise awareness on global warming. The project will conclude with the display of the banner at the North Pole.

Economic Zones World CEO, Salma Hareb, who met with the creator of the project, Satish Sikha recently signed the fabric with this message: “Keeping our beautiful planet safe for the next generation is not an option, it’s a responsibility. Plant a tree. Flip a switch. Just think for a minute… and inspire little actions. Every one of them adds up. Taking on the challenge will bring out the best in us. We must. We can. We will.”

Commenting on Economic Zones World’s own CSR activities, Salma Hareb added: ‘The world needs more individuals and corporations who take an active interest in bringing about environmental sustainability in the world. EZW has made this a priority worldwide and adopts energy saving fittings and renewable sources of energy in many of its new sustainable warehouses and logistics developments in addition taking daily measures to reduce its carbon-footprint. We are very pleased to support this unique project and wish Satish the very best in his endeavour.”

Fashion entrepreneur-turned environmentalist, Satish Sikha rolled out the project in January 2008. He has been traveling across the globe encouraging people from different walks of life to assist him in spreading his message.

Satish Sikha commenting on the project  said: “The campaign consists of collecting words and autographs from our role models. They will write about their acts of green, and what they plan to do today for a happy green tomorrow. Having celebrities and role models on board this project sends a strong message to our children. Every yard of green organic silk fabric of the Our Earth - We Will represents a call to take action to create a better tomorrow. Essentially, the project is the World’s Longest Invitation to Action.”

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