EDC’s Export Academy sharpens exporter negotiation skills

Published March 16th, 2010 - 09:13 GMT

The Dubai Export Academy, under the Dubai Export Development Corporation (EDC), an agency of the Dubai Department of Economic Development, Government of Dubai, conducted a training course seeking to ensure that local firms are aware of both traditional and more recent techniques of trade negotiating.


The course, entitled ‘Negotiating Skills for Exporters’, was delivered by Mr. Navin Kapoor, Managing Director at Xpertize United, a leading global consulting company that offers end to end strategic business and marketing solutions in the region. He emphasised the need for negotiation skills when dealing with foreign partners, while stressing that successful negotiating ensures that exporters not only make a decent profit, but are also able to successfully position their products and services in foreign markets.


Kapoor illustrated the importance of pre-negotiation planning and preparation, as well as devising appropriate strategies to meet the ever changing world of commerce.


EDC developed the Dubai Export Academy as the only Centre of Excellence dedicated purely to export-related knowledge. It seeks to provide a unique combination of practical on the ground information of foreign markets with generic export-related management knowledge.


“The global marketplace demands that our firms are able to understand the negotiation process. This is more complicated in the case of exports whereby domestic firms face the challenges of negotiating in a multicultural and multilingual environment. EDC wants to ensure that firms have the necessary practical information so that their entry into foreign markets is eased and their venture is successful. Our experience has shown that the first foray into global markets is the most difficult after which companies soon move to many more markets,” said Engineer Saed Al Awadi, Chief Executive Officer, EDC.


EDC’s objective for the Academy is to encourage local companies in the UAE to start exporting their products and services while companies that are already exporting to consider penetrating new markets. It also seeks to equip businesses in the UAE with skills and knowledge in key areas to enhance their global competitiveness. The Academy creates a platform whereby exporters are able to share their experiences of the global markets while at the same time educating them of best international practices.

The Dubai Export Academy has designed a portfolio of courses delivered by industry experts. The topics that the Dubai Export Academy intends to conduct in 2010 include Export Opportunities in India; Selling Skills for Exporters; Export Opportunities in Saudi Arabia; Business Etiquette and Culture for Foreign Markets; and Customer Care for Export Success, among others.


The next course to be delivered by the Academy will be on 31st March 2010 and explores the export opportunities for UAE firms in India.

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