EEG's Third Community Lecture for the year 2010

Published May 12th, 2010 - 09:26 GMT

The conceptual idea of the ‘Tree of Life’ in mythology is that all facets of life are inter-related and inter-twined in one way or another.  It is considered as a mystical idea that represents interrelatedness of everything in life and on earth. EEG’s 3rd Community Lecture of the year 2010, too, was based on this concept and portrayed through Yusuf Thakur’s film, “RAK-Tree of Life”. This film focused on the integral role played by indigenous tree types in the cultural growth of the UAE.

The event was held at the Tamani Hotel Marina on the evening of 11th May, 2010. EEG Community Lectures are free for all events and welcome anyone willing to attend and take part in increasing environmental awareness amongst the community.

The evening began with a warm welcome by EEG Chairperson, Mrs. Habiba Al Marashi. She began by outlining the recent activities of the EEG, especially the Can Collection Drive that was a huge success all over the country on the 8th of May. She went on to talk about the olden days when the previous generations knew how to live comfortably and well within their means. Overconsumption and wastage were unknown concepts back then as mankind did not over utilize resources and destroy nature.

Today, however, the scenario is different – the UAE is considered as one of the highest waste producers and per capita water consumers in the world. She believed strongly that this needed to change and the endeavors of people such as Yusuf Thakur will help bring about that change. She then welcomed Mr. Thakur to begin his presentation, “RAK-Tree of Life”.

In the film, Mr. Thakur has chosen five indigenous trees that are a part of the heritage of the country and also help in the sustainability of flora and fauna around them. These include the Samr (Acacia), Sidr, Nakheel (Palm), Ghaf and Al Qurum (Mangrove) trees. The film shows how people living around these trees, especially in the region of Ras Al Khaimah, flourished. This film is set in olden times and shows us how our forefather lived well within their means.

Mr. Thakur, founder of Visual Effects & Production, works on productions and films based in the Middle East. His love for nature and film making are evident through his fantastic productions that make the audience get up and take notice of the issue being discussed. Through his film, he is trying to remind his audiences that there once was a world where people did not live beyond their means and did not pose a threat to nature. This film shows us glimpses of previous generations who used wood to build homes and boats and strongly exercised rainwater harvesting techniques.

Yusuf Thakur has brought forth his production in an important era when the UAE is known to be the second highest producer of waste in the world. With resources fast depleting and the environment getting crushed under over consumption, the future looks bleak. However, films such as “RAK-Tree of Life” can be considered as eye openers for each and every one of us.
Visual Effects & Production has been in Dubai for the last 12 years and specializes in natural history based documentaries.

EEG’s third Community Lecture in 2010 was a rather stimulating one that attracted a large audience. People were curious to know more about the film based on such an unusual concept – the Tree of Life. The evening ended with Mrs Al Marashi thanking Yusuf Thakur for being so gracious to participate in the Community Lecture and awarded him a crystal of appreciation. She also thanked the Tamani Hotel for providing the venue and catering services.

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