Egypt Court Uphold Death Sentence of 3 Accused of Killing 12 Policemen

Published October 15th, 2018 - 10:59 GMT
Egyptian soldiers. (AFP/File Photo)
Egyptian soldiers. (AFP/File Photo)

An Egyptian court on Sunday upheld death sentences for three people accused of killing 12 policemen, and prison terms for 11 members of the same group known as Ansar al-Sharia.

The charges included killing 12 police officers and attempting to kill more in a series of attacks between August 2013 and May 2014. The court upheld sentences issued in August.

The decision of the Cairo Criminal Court can be appealed within 60 days.

Four people were sentenced to life in prison -- a 25 year term in Egypt -- while seven received 15-year prison terms. Nine of the 23 defendants were acquitted.

Sunday’s ruling is the first in the case since reaching the court in 2015.

Prosecutors said that the defendants had formed the extremist Ansar al-Sharia group aimed at changing the regime, carrying out armed attacks on army and police bases, and attacking Christians and public places.

According to the court filings, the defendants met each other in 2013. They received funds from militants on the run and were trained on bomb-making.

They also plotted to target police and the army after adopting the takfiri ideology.
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