Egypt defends decision to build steel wall along Gaza Strip

Published December 22nd, 2009 - 03:18 GMT

Egypt's foreign minister on Tuesday said that a wall being built along his country's border with the Gaza Strip will defend it "against threats to national security". Ahmed Aboul Gheit made these comments to Al Arabiya TV. Hamas has heavily criticized the move.


Aboul Gheit said that the measures along the border involve "construction, engineering work and ultrasound equipment". The new barrier is to consist of a series of steel sheets and pipes that will be buried deep into the ground to prevent the construction of smuggling tunnels under the frontier.


On Monday, Khaled Mishaal, the head of Hamas’ political bureau, stated that the building of the steel wall is a new war against Gaza people and their resistance. “The victory of Gaza did not appeal to those who wagered on the defeat of the resistance and there is a desire to tighten the screw on the resistance which showed fortitude in the face of the occupation,” the Hamas leader stressed.


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