Egypt divided: celebrations and anger as Morsi overthrown

Published July 3rd, 2013 - 09:02 GMT
People celebrate in Tahrir Square after the army overthrew President Mohamed Morsi (AFP)
People celebrate in Tahrir Square after the army overthrew President Mohamed Morsi (AFP)

Tens of thousands of anti-Morsi demonstrators erupted in joy on Wednesday evening after the army overthrew the Egyptian President and temporarily suspended the country's constitution.

Addressing the country on Egyptian state television, Abdel Fattah al-Sissi said the head of the Constitutional Court will lead the country during an interim period, until early presidential and parliamentary elections are held.

Anti-Morsi demonstrators, packed in Tahrir Square, erupted in jubilation upon hearing Sisi's statement, chanting “The people and the army are one hand,” Reuters reported.

“We ousted one dictator and now we've ousted a second one. We'll do it again if necessary, we are experienced now,” said Adal El-Bendary, a 45-year-old public relations employee, as quoted by Reuters.

“This will be in the minds of the army or any politician in the future - they will not want to face the same destiny as Mursi or Mubarak.”

Pro-Morsi demonstrators also attended rallys across the country and responded with bitterness and anger at Sisi's statement. Reporting from a pro-Morsi demonstration in Nasr city, Al Jazeera said supporters of the former President were furious that their freedom of choice had been taken away.

Rebels reach out

Leaders of the rebel campaign, the online petition that organized the June 30 protest, called on young members of the Muslim Brotherhood to "rejoin the ranks of the people and not be driven by calls for violence or terrorism," Egyptian news site Ahram reported.

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