Egypt 'Makes Moves' for Palestinian Factions, Israel Peace Says PLO Official

Published November 8th, 2018 - 02:09 GMT
Palestinian mourners gather around the bodies of three Palestinian teenagers killed last night in an Israeli strike. (AFP/ MAHMUD HAMS)
Palestinian mourners gather around the bodies of three Palestinian teenagers killed last night in an Israeli strike. (AFP/ MAHMUD HAMS)

Member of the PLO Executive Committees of the Fatah and the Central Committee of the Fatah movement Azzam al-Ahmad stressed that Egypt will make new movements in the coming days to achieve reconciliation, based on the agreements signed between Israel and Palestine.

He expressed hope that Hamas would not continue its maneuvers, waste time and procrastinate.

"Let us give a chance to the Egyptian efforts. They will either succeed or not," he said.

Ahmad reiterated the Palestinian Leadership's rejection of an agreement in Gaza that represents a political dimension.

“Egypt was putting efforts to reach ta ruce in exchange for easing the situation in Gaza Strip and preventing a new war, but without reaching an agreement,” Ahmad explained.

“However, Hamas, through Mladenov and Qatar’s efforts, was seeking to sign an agreement with a political dimension, yet President Mahmoud Abbas, the PLO, and all its factions opposed that.”

“The agreement with Israel is a form of negotiations, and therefore it is a national affair, not a factional one, and must be done as in 2014,” he added, stressing the keenness of all Palestinians and all factions to achieve reconciliation before the truce.

"It is painful to barter the Palestinian blood with money, and Hamas is doing so with the collusion with some factions and regional parties,” Ahmad noted.

Despite the PA’s position, Israel and Hamas are moving forward in the interim agreement.

After one week of relative calm in Gaza, Israel has a state of cautious optimism about the possibility of reaching a long-term ceasefire agreement.

“Israel, under a clear policy led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, is seeking long-term compromise with Hamas. It intends to allow further steps by Qatar and Egypt to transfer large sums of money to Gaza to pay civil servants’ wages,” said Political Analyst in Haaretz Amos Harel.

“Despite the leaks from the Palestinian Authority, which claim the opposite, the Israeli defense establishment anticipates that Egypt will approve the plan to transfer the money for the salaries,” Harel stressed.

“The momentum for achieving a deal has returned – and it’s bringing a certain degree of optimism in terms of preparedness,” he pointed out.

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