Morsi supporters call for 1973 war anniversary protests

Published October 5th, 2013 - 12:20 GMT
Morsi supporters are calling for more protests on the anniversary of the 1973 October war Sunday (Courtesy of the Baltimore Sun)
Morsi supporters are calling for more protests on the anniversary of the 1973 October war Sunday (Courtesy of the Baltimore Sun)

Supporters of the deposed Egyptian president Mohammad Morsi are calling for new protests on the 1973 Arab-Israeli war anniversary on Sunday after the deadliest violence in weeks.

“The Egypt Anti-Coup Alliance repeats its call to all Egyptians to continue their protests in every part of Egypt, and to gather in Tahrir Square on Sunday, October 6, to celebrate the army of that victory and its leaders,” the Islamist group said.

The announcement comes a day after deadly protests left at least four people dead in Cairo as Morsi supporters mounted their boldest marches since troops crushed their protest camps demanding his reinstatement on Aug. 14.

Clashes were also reported in Alexandria and the Upper Egypt province of Assiut, state media reported.

The Anti-Coup alliance of Islamist groups called on its supporters to try once more to reach Cairo’s Tahrir Square to mark Sunday’s 40th anniversary of the war. The square is currently blocked off by the army.

The conflict, known as the October war in the Arab world and the Yom Kippur war in Israel, is remembered proudly by the Egyptian army as it caught Israel’s defenses unawares and led ultimately to Egypt’s recovery of the Sinai Peninsula in the 1979 peace treaty.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon expressed deep concern over rising unrest in Egypt, including deadly clashes which took place on Friday in Cairo, according to Agence France-Presse.

The UN official stressed on the importance of peaceful protest.

“Ahead of announced demonstrations marking a national holiday in Egypt on Sunday, the Secretary-General stresses the importance of peaceful protest, respect for freedom of assembly and commitment to non-violence. He also expresses his concern at the serious violence today in Cairo,” read a statement posted on the U.N.’s website.

“The Secretary-General continues to underscore the need for political inclusion, full respect for human rights, including of those detained in prison, and the rule of law as the basis for a peaceful, democratic transition.

“These are principles to which the Egyptian authorities themselves have committed in the roadmap they have set forth,” the statement added.

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