Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood confront army over new constitution

Published December 8th, 2011 - 03:29 GMT

Egypt's leading political group the Muslim Brotherhood confronted with the country's army leaders on Thursday, accusing them of trying to "marginalize" parliament over the writing of a new constitution. Mohammed el-Baltagui, one of the leaders of the Brotherhood's political party, conveyed they planned to pull out of a contact group with the army leaders.

This came after yesterday, in remarks to foreign journalists, a member of the junta said the army would have a final say over those appointed to write a new constitution next year. Major General Mokhtar el-Mulla, a leading member of the ruling junta, stated the parliament would not be representative of all Egyptian people, and that those appointed to write a fresh constitution must also be approved by the interim cabinet and a new ''advisory council'' of intellectuals, civilian politicians and media personalities.



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