Egypt parliament vote: Muslim Brotherhood to have some 20% of seats

Published December 8th, 2005 - 12:16 GMT

Initial results in Egypt's elections gave the leading opposition movement, the Muslim Brotherhood, a record 19 percent of the seats in parliament after a four-week election with widespread violence.

The results, released Thursday by an official from the Interior Ministry, and cited by the AP, came a day after at eight people were killed.


In Wednesday's runoff vote, the Brotherhood gained 12 seats, the ruling National Democratic Party of President Hosni Mubarak and its allies took 111 seats, and the opposition front two seats, said the ministry official. Two more seats remain undecided.


If these results are confirmed, they would give the ruling NDP and its allies 333 seats, or 73 percent of parliament, and the Brotherhood 88 seats. Other opposition parties and independents would have 21 seats. 12 seats are undecided and reruns are projected to be held soon. All in all, the parliament includes 454 seats, 10 of which are appointed by the president.


These unofficial results mean the Brotherhood has won almost six times the 15 seats it held in the outgoing chamber. "We're happy and glad for this success," the Brotherhood's deputy leader Mohammed Habib told The Associated Press

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