Egypt's Police Stop Terror in Track, Arrest 6 Muslim Brothers in Alexandria

Published September 16th, 2018 - 10:09 GMT
Egyptian Forces Foil Terrorist Attack in Alexandria City. (AFP/ File)
Egyptian Forces Foil Terrorist Attack in Alexandria City. (AFP/ File)
Egyptian security forces have foiled a terrorist plot by arresting six members of the "Muslim Brotherhood", which is labeled by Egypt as a terrorist organization, in the city of Alexandria, a security source said.

The source explained that National Security arrested the terrorists during a raid on a housing unit where they had met to plot attacks.

He pointed out that the security services confiscated a number of documents, books of the group’s leading member Sayyid Qutb and two computers.

The terrorists were planning to target state institutions, aiming to create chaos in the country, added the source.

Several security sources indicated that the detainees confessed they were assigned by the group’s fugitive leaders to conduct several terrorist operations.

Expert on fundamentalist movements in Egypt Amr Abdel Moneim noted that terrorists were planning to create chaos in Egypt backed by the group's leaders abroad.

Moneim said that Brotherhood members want to send a message to the world that terrorist organizations are still operational in Egypt.

He praised the preemptive measures of the security services and their efforts in uncovering terrorist plots.

The Egyptian committee on terrorist funds had previously frozen the funds of a number of Brotherhood leaders, including businessmen.

Sources confirmed to the committee that several of the group’s leaders and commanders are mulling new ways to manage the organization’s financial resources, including funding their armed movement.

The investigations conducted with the detainees showed that they used their social media profiles to instigate against state institutions and to promote rumors and false news, the security source said.

Preliminary investigations revealed that the terrorists held their meetings in a remote location in Alexandria to plot for several attacks. 

They face charges of belonging to an unlawful group, preventing state institutions from carrying out their duties, and engaging in incidents that disturb public security and threaten social peace.
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