Emarati Official Urges for Action against 'Unislamic Practices'

Published May 28th, 2000 - 02:00 GMT

A top religious official at the UAE’s Sharjah Emirate has called for support from the Sharjah Consultative Council (SCC) and other officials to take action against the "non-Islamic practices that have invaded our community," reported Gulf News.  

The daily quoted Abdullah bin Ibrahim Al Madfa, Director General of the Department of Islamic Affairs and Awqaf in Sharjah, as telling the SCC that fighting these practices should be the responsibility of all departments and officials.  

He cited several examples of "non-Islamic" practices, said the paper, including wearing "indecent clothes by foreigners" who walk freely in the streets and markets, violating the Islamic Sharia. Others are foreigners wearing "indecent beach suits" and "those who want to follow them" without any consideration for Arab and Islamic values and traditions.  

"The Department of Islamic Affairs and Awqaf appeals to officials and to the SCC to take all possible measures to confront such practices that have invaded our community," Al Madfa said. He also warned against selling magazines which feature "immoral photographs" because they destroy values, especially among youngsters.  

"Special devices sold by satellite antenna shops to enable viewers to receive pornographic films is also another non-Islamic practice which threatens our values," Al Madfa compalained.  

He urged the Ministry of Information and Culture to implement the recommendations of the Islamic Affairs and Awqaf by banning all publications prohibited by the department.  

"The Ministry of Information and Culture is sending all the scripts dealing with Islamic issues to the department to report whether such scripts can be published. Although we do the job properly, we still see some of these scripts published, and they are available at some bookshops and book fairs," Al Madfa said -- Albawaba.com  


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