Emmy Confidential: What You Didn’t See On TV

Published October 1st, 2000 - 02:00 GMT

The Emmy Award ceremony appears to be a dignified, great and joyous celebration of Hollywood talent; on the surface that is. Meanwhile, beneath the glitter and glamour, there lurk real people with real reactions to really embarrassing moments. 

Following is a list of embarrassing, exciting, scandalous and somewhat humorous events that took place in this year’s Emmy installation: 


When Edie Falco of The Sopranos showed up at the HBO Emmy party wearing a pair of worn jeans, a sweatshirt and platform shoes she drew quite a few stares from the tux-and-gown crowd. Finally, one reporter asked Tony Soprano's on-screen wife why she'd changed from her glamorous Donna Karen getup to which she replied: "Hey, I wanted to be comfortable."  


The cast of West Wing looked like one big happy family as the show dominated the Emmy awards but there's big trouble brewing behind the scenes. Execs are unhappy with Rob Lowe's antics and are threatening to remove him from the White House permanently unless he straightens up. Rob demands to be treated as the show's big star and "his ego is out of control," says a show insider. "He's constantly comparing the treatment he gets to the treatment Martin Sheen gets, demanding more time off, more camera time and better lines."  


Friends star David Schwimmer spent Emmy night with actor pal Joey Slotnick; with longtime girlfriend Mili Avital nowhere in sight. "She couldn't come," he explained, "but I got Joey, who by the way is a great kisser."  


Geena Davis made at least one new fan with her I'm-walking-around-topless-on-national-TV gown. When asked what he thought of Geena's attire, the legendary Jack Lemmon replied: "I thought it was terrific . . . she is huge."  


Sex and the City star Sarah Jessica Parker's hubby Matthew Broderick attracted a bevy of starlets at his table while wifey posed for the cameras at the HBO party. But when Sarah Jessica got a load of Matthew's harem, she made a beeline back to her hubby, and the starlets scattered.  


Michael J. Fox's Spin City sidekick Richard Kind was the bartender's best pal at ET's glitzy Emmy party, and not because he ordered the most drinks. Kindly Richard gave larger tips to the hard-working mixmasters than most of the much higher-paid stars.  


Host Garry Shandling got huge yuks when he described E! fashion maven and comedienne Joan Rivers as a "hooker with a microphone." Joan later said: "He obviously doesn't know the difference between a hooker and a call-girl. Would a hooker wear Blahniks, Vera Wang and Winston jewels? I think not." OK, we'll take your word for it, Joan.  


Just in case you were wondering, Charles Dutton is not the first ex-con to win an Emmy. Dutton spent time in prison for manslaughter and possession of a deadly weapon. The first ex-con to win an Emmy was Ralph Waldo Greene "Petey,” a onetime guest at the White House and commentator on local affairs in Washington, DC. Greene, who died in 1984, was convicted of armed robbery – Albawaba.com. 

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