Encouraging Saudi mothers to breastfeed their newborn children

Published December 16th, 2009 - 12:25 GMT

King Fahd Medical City’s Women’s Specialist Hospital recently celebrated the 2009 International Breast Feeding Week by conducting daily seminars in antenatal clinics organized by Nutrition Department and Breast Feeding Committee under the theme “A Vital Emergency Response: Are Your Ready,” the lectures were attended by around 300 ladies.
The purpose of the International Breast feeding week was to promote breast feeding concept and to  encourage pregnant women and mothers who have babies to breast feed their  infants and to promote  breast feeding benefits and recommend it as an excellent   healthy choice . For this purpose an opening exhibition was set during the whole week and educational material was distributed and visitors were advised regarding essential basic healthy guide lines for nursing mothers and babies.
“Breastfeeding is an important healthy choice. It contains all the essential nutrients for the baby in right proportions and quantities.  Studies have shown that  breast feeding  boosts the immune system of infants and protects them from various health threats such as viral and bacterial infections and protects them against allergies. It also offers strong love bond between mother and baby, feelings of warmth and security that will help to establish an early psychological balance in infant. Even mothers benefit from this practice, and breast feeding will help the mother to regain the pre-pregnancy weight and figure and helps to reduce breast cancer risk. Nursing mothers should eat the heathy nutritional food and drink a minimum of 8 drinks each day including water, milk products and fruit juices and soup. Also they should limit caffeinated drinks. By ensuring they eat healthy and breast feed, new mothers are giving their babies and themselves an excellent beginning for a happy relationship”, said Dr. Mona Sanan, Consultant, Al Rabie Saudi Foods Co. Ltd.
Dr. Sanan was the only spokesperson from the private sector during the seminar, reflecting Al Rabie’s reputation for advocating national and global health programs and developing high-quality food products. The doctor delivered a presentation titled “Stay Healthy and Beautiful, Make the Correct Food Choices for Yourself & Your Family,” during which she urged mothers to learn more about the healthy food choices that will stimulate  their milk production and to  take advantage of the numerous health benefits of breastfeeding.
ALRabie milk & juices being  an excellent nutritional choice regarding its safety and nutritional content  value and as a good source of calcium and vitamins was chosen to be distributed during the educational lectures to pregnant ladies and breast feeding mothers.
Al Rabie Saudi Foods Co. Ltd. is a pioneering producer of dairy products and juices in the KSA and the largest juice manufacturer in the Middle East. Its main businesses include juices, nectars, still drinks and dairy products. The company constantly coordinates with Saudi’s health sector to address key health issues and promote Health Education in the Saudi Community to advance its motto of ‘Health for All.’
Dr. Sanan recently discussed the healthiest Diet and Nutrition information related to women’s health during the Women Health Update Awareness Days organized by Health Education Services Department in King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre(Riyadh) in Prince Salman Social Center in Riyadh.

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