Ertirea Accuses Ethiopia of Imposing New Conditions on Algiers Deal

Published June 27th, 2000 - 02:00 GMT

Eritrea on Monday accused Ethiopia of imposing new conditions, including a reduction in the size of its army, on a ceasefire accord the warring neighbors signed in Algiers on June 18. 

"Ethiopia has tried to raise issues that are not in the agreement, about the size of the army of Eritrea. They want to reduce the size of the army," presidential advisor, Yeman Ghebremeske told AFP. 

Last week Ethipia, whose troops are allowed to remain on Eritrean soil under the Algiers accord, pending the deployment of UN peacekeepers, said the size of Asmara's army would be one of the topics for discussion when indirect talks resume next month. 

"Ethiopia does not want the peace process to continue," said Yemane. 

Since Ethiopia and Eritrea went to war in May 1998, each side has accused the other of igniting and prolonging the conflict. 

The most recent episode in the conflict began with an Ethiopian offensive launched aimed, successfully, at retaking disputed border territories occupied by Eritrea for the previous two years - ASMARA (AFP) 


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