ESKADENIA meets with the pillars of the Egyptian industry

ESKADENIA meets with the pillars of the Egyptian industry
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Published November 8th, 2010 - 10:47 GMT

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The ESKADENIA insurance event aimed at gathering leaders of the insurance industry in Egypt to discuss the most crucial needs that insurance companies have towards adapting efficiency-targeted solutions. The event's agenda focused on the main factors for insurance companies' success and the impact of advanced IT systems on insurance operations and profitability.

Following the opening speeches, ESKADENIA team addressed the audience with a presentation introducing the complete insurance suit of ESKADENIA followed by presentation illustrating the integration between ESKADENIA's core Insurance software with the business support systems.

The program provided the chance for networking among the audience. ESKADENIA held demo sessions, presentations, and business meetings with leading insurance CEOs, vice presidents, department managers and senior technical staff from Egyptian and regional insurance companies. .

Throughout the conference, ESKADENIA Software showcased its insurance software suite, which includes ESKA® Insures (Medical, General, Life and Travel Insurance Systems), e-insurance solutions, and Management Information System, in addition to advanced ERP, Customer Relationship Management and Workflow systems.

The full-day insurance event was wrapped up with a closing note by ESKADENIA's Managing director Nael Salah who expressed ESKADENIA's commitment to the modernisation of the insurance sector through automation and IT and thanked representatives of the Jordan embassy the ministry of industry and members of the press for their attendance. 

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