Is Ethiopia in Danger of Splitting up?

Published October 10th, 2021 - 10:31 GMT
Ethiopia set to establish 11th regional state after referendum
Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed vowed to stand strong and defend "Ethiopia's honour" despite mounting global criticism over the war in Tigray, as he was sworn in for a new five-year term on Monday. EDUARDO SOTERAS / AFP
Various areas in southwestern Ethiopia vote in favor of breaking away as separate regional state government

Ethiopian authorities said on Saturday that people in southwestern Ethiopia will cast their ballots in favour of breaking away into a separate regional state within the Horn of the African country in a referendum last month.

Following the result of the vote, released by the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia, lawmakers in parliament's upper chamber, the House of the Federation, will decide if the country's 11th regional state will be carved out of the Southern Ethiopia Nations, Nationalities and Peoples regional state.

The referendum had been conducted in the Dawro special district, as well as the Bench Sheka, South Omo, Kafa, and Sheko zones, with the election board saying it would submit the result to the House of the Federation for a final decision on the status of the region.

A year ago, the Sidama people voted in favour of a separate regional state government and have since become the 10th regional state in the country.

In the most recent referendum held on Sept. 30, 1.2 million voters voted in favour of a separate State while 34,000 voters against it.

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