Ethiopian Maid on Death Row in Bahrain to Launch ‘Insanity’ Appeal

Published December 20th, 2000 - 02:00 GMT

An Ethiopian maid on death row for murdering her Bahraini employer's wife and chopping up the body is to lodge an appeal next week on the grounds of insanity, her defense lawyer said Wednesday. 

"My point of defense is insanity," Moosa al-Balushi told AFP, adding he would appeal for the sentence to be commuted to a prison term. 

"We will submit the appeal on Sunday or Monday" within the one-month time limit since Youshirik Dhafta Zodi, 20, was condemned to death on November 28 for hacking to death Sadiya Beltar, a Filipina. 

A criminal court heard that she bludgeoned Beltar on the head with a hammer on December 1, 1998, then chopped off her head, arms and legs. She also tried to boil the flesh and stuff the rest of the body in a washing machine. 

Ethiopia's government has asked the authorities in Bahrain, where executions are rare, to suspend the death sentence and review the case, while women's groups in Addis Ababa said she was mentally disturbed and a minor at the time of the killing. 

The young woman charged during the trial that she was subjected to physical and psychological abuse at the hands of her employers -- MANAMA (AFP)  



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