EU to give $5.67 million in aid to Yemen

Published May 21st, 2015 - 01:30 GMT
Al Bawaba
Al Bawaba

The European Union has said it will give Yemen €5.1 million ($5.67 million) in aid amid warnings that the international humanitarian response to the situation in the strife-ridden country remains inadequate.

EU’s funding announced Thursday will go to the International Committee of the Red Cross, which will help provide food, water, medical supplies and other essential aid to the most vulnerable victims, according to the European Commission.

Christos Stylianides, European commissioner for humanitarian aid and crisis management, said in a statement Thursday: "Due to the extremely challenging security situation, the International Committee of the Red Cross is one of the very few international humanitarian agencies in Yemen still able to deliver much needed aid to the victims of the conflict."

"Longer humanitarian pauses are essential so that the people in need can receive assistance for their survival," Stylianides added.

A five-day humanitarian cease-fire proposed by Saudi Arabia had ended on May 17 amid calls by the United Nations for an extension.

International aid agencies have called for more assistance for Yemen.

"The overall humanitarian response, so far, has been woefully inadequate," the International Red Cross said in a statement Wednesday.

"It is clear that few international humanitarian actors are able or willing to go where the needs are greatest," the Red Cross said.

Fractious Yemen has remained in turmoil since last September, when the Houthis overran capital Sanaa, from which they have sought to extend their influence to other parts of the country. On March 25, Saudi Arabia and its Arab allies began an extensive air campaign targeting Houthi positions across Yemen.

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