European MP Halima Bumedian Teiri Meets Syria’s Intellects, Human Rights Committees

Published November 28th, 2000 - 02:00 GMT

By Nabil Al Mulhem 


European MP Halima Bumedian Teiri met with a group of human rights activists in Syria earlier last week, an activist who attended at the meeting told 

He added that the human rights committees in Syria asked MP Teiri to mediate with the Syrian government to license those committees to work publicly. 

The activists also wanted Teiri to ask the European human rights committee in to help a number of political prisoners receive medical treatment for diseases they developed over years of imprisonment. 

The newly released Adnan Hassan, was reported to have cancer and Nu’man Abdo, who is 60% handicapped, were imprisoned on charges of belonging to rights groups, according to the activists. 

They also asked Teiri to urge the Syrian government to release several other prisoners who are reported to have serious diseases, including Imad Shieha, Faris Dawoud, Haitham Nia’al and Wajih Ghanim; all belong to leftist movements. 

The MP has also met with Syrian intellects who had signed the so-called 99 petition. 

The petition urged the cancellation of martial laws and referring to civilian courts and the constitution all cases related to political groups in the country. For her part, Teiri said that she had discussed a number of human rights issues with the Syrian government, adding that Damascus had taken positive steps in this regard, including the release of 75 prisoners belonging to the Iraq Baath Party. 







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