EVENTSCOM Launches their 7th Annual Environmental Treasure Hunt 2010 Campaign and announces their agenda

Published April 6th, 2010 - 11:21 GMT
Al Bawaba
Al Bawaba

Leading PR & Communications Agency, EVENTSCOM Bahrain, announced their events agenda for the 7th Environmental Treasure Hunt for the year 2010 at a press conference on Sunday 28th of March 2010 at the Marriott Executive Apartments in Juffair.

Speaking at the conference were Mrs. Zahra Taher, Founder & CEO of EVENTSCOM – Bahrain, the visionaries & organizer of the campaign; Dr. Adel Al Zayani Director – Directorate Public Commission for the Protection of Marine Resources, Environment and Wildlife (the Commission).; and Eng. Saba Al Asfoor, head of Bahrain Women Association who is representing the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) certified Environmental Citizenship Program of Bahrain Women Association for Human Development.

The Seventh Annual Environmental Treasure Hunt will once again be under the theme “Changing Behavior Towards the Environment” and is being organized with the support of the commission and the Bahrain Women’s Association . Following the success of previous Environmental Treasure Hunts which raised awareness of various environmental issues such as pollution and desertification, EVENTSCOM has chosen to support the same cause but with a focus on changing people’s behaviors towards the environment.

Preparations are already on the way for the event which aims to raise public awareness of such a worthy cause . Following the success of previous Environmental Treasure Hunts where many workshops for different age groups took place to educate them on changing their behavior towards the environment, include the first Recyclable Fashion Show and the Photography Competition that brought different ways of participation in such events.

EVENTSCOM has worked together with many national and international organizations and has brought on board UNEP and Bahrain Women Association and hence played a vital role in raising the general public’s and the corporate’s environmental awareness.

Like previous years , the challenges in the 7th Treasure Hunt 2010 will be based on mental and physical activities but they will be far from predictable. As part of the event’s broad-based appeal, there will be a variety of supporting events leading up to the big day, all of which will be open to the public. Interesting workshops will be held comparing various activities such as a photography competition, a garage sale, a fashion show, and to name a few.

On this occasion, Mrs. Zahra Taher CEO & Founder of EVENTSCOM said: “Year after year and since we have started this campaign , we took in consideration our role towards our Kingdom in order to maintain its safety and cleanliness just as we inherited it. It is our duty to  preserve it for our coming generations and for Bahrain’s visitors” adding “ During our campaigns, we try our best to raise awareness in a fun and unique way in order to change the individual’s behavior towards the environment. We have worked on bringing the best we can to our beloved Bahrain which was known as the island with a million palm trees and from this perspective we are taking this duty to preserve this beautiful country for the coming generations just as we inherited it from our ancestors” . Mrs. Taher also added: “During the past years we have worked so hard to raise the environmental awareness in order to change people’s behavior towards our environment and we conducted that through workshops that addressed to housewives , children, the youth and specialists in different fields, and of course we will continue to have successful competitions such as the Photography Competition and the Recyclable Fashion Show along with the kids summer camp and the final day activities where many organizations participate with a team and compete against each other to win the grand prize”.

Mrs. Taher requested the media to support the campaign as they are very important in spreading education and motivating the public to save our environment. By changing people’s everyday habits and making them realize that one person’s actions can make an impact, we collectively can create a more sustainable clean and green Bahrain, concluded Mrs. Taher “ we will start our campaign activities with a free special workshop for media about the important role the media has in saving the environment and all media members are welcome to be a part of it”.

Dr. Adel said: “ We as the Commission, like to extend our sincere appreciation to EVENTSCOM for establishing and organizing such an important project. We see it growing every year and bringing more attention to our environment; it makes us proud to have such a spirit among the private sector establishment seeking for no profit but the wealth and safety of our beloved Kingdom where the company recruited all its members to serve a very important cause not only locally but on a global level” adding “ with His Highness Sh. Abdulla bin Hamad Al Khalifa Head of the Public Commission for the Protection of Marine Resources, Environment and Wildlife (the Commission) patterning this campaign, the commission is happy to announce its full support with all requirements for EVENTSCOM to achieve their goal and everybody’s concern; our environment to maintain it healthy for our coming generations”. 

Eng. Saba Al Asfoor, head of Bahrain Women Association highlighted their role this year and highlighted the Bahrain Women Association’s role in this campaign saying: “ this campaign is the soul of citizenship for the three parties ( governmental, private sector and civil society) where all put together their efforts to guarantee success to the campaign. We have worked closely with EVENTSCOM last year on their 6th campaign where we launched Waness, a cartoon figure of an endangered reptile, and EVENTSCOM helped in launching it to the public during their campaign last year and we are planning to have a bigger role in this year’s campaign”.

List of 2009 activities:
Workshop  :Earth Charter workshop – Bahrain Polytechnic
Workshop : Youth X-Change – Muharraq club in coordination with the Muharraq Governorate
Workshop : Environmental management in the maritime transport policies –  in coordination with ASRY 
Workshop : Sustainable Lifestyle
Workshop : Youth Sustainable Lifestyle 
Kids Summer Camp
Photography Competition
First Recyclable Fashion Show
Promoting Copenhagen Environmental Conference “Seal the Deal”
The Treasure Hunt is a non profit campaign that started in 2003 when it first promoted road safety and driving ethics, and then eventually evolved to focus on the importance issue of environmental preservation. The event has garnered considerable public attention and interest from the Kingdom of Bahrain’s citizens and residents alike, and always features a variety of dynamic activities from workshops to competitions; summer camps to fashion shows; and more—all in addition to the final Treasure Hunt event which takes place on 4th of December 2009.

The  Marriott Executive Apartments are the venue sponsors for the 7th Annual Environmental Treasure Hunt 2010 Campaign

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