Executive Coaching in focus as business optimism returns to Middle East

Published July 15th, 2010 - 08:18 GMT

SKOPOS Consulting, a leading Organization Development (OD) solutions firm in the Middle East and Africa, has called on businesses and organizations in the Middle East to focus on executive coaching to improve the performance of executive employees and stay competitive in the current environment. SKOPOS Consulting referred to recent studies that have shown that the development of leadership skills, multi-tasking skills, and particularly soft skills development from managers can have a significant impact in boosting performance across all levels of the organization. SKOPOS Consulting also pointed out studies showing that 92 per cent of managers feel that the ability to work across different departments becomes more important as they rise through the ranks.

Dr. Hussein El Kazzaz, Managing Director of SKOPOS Consulting, said, "Executive Coaching must form an integral part of a company's strategy for Organizational Development. This is because Executive Coaching is a more effective development approach than training in unlocking a person's potential to maximize their own performance. Executive Coaching can guide new managers rising through the ranks of an organization that may have a gap in inter-personal skills or basic management skills required in their new roles. Coaching in the past was intended for problematic leaders, whereas today about 90 per cent of coaching is aimed at high achievers to release their further potential."

"The Middle East is a priority area for SKOPOS Consulting because of the region's strong business and growth potential. The executive coaching solutions offered by SKOPOS are customised to serve as a powerful tool in boosting executives' effectiveness and performance in the GCC," added El Kazzaz.

Organizational Development through executive coaching is particularly important amongst GCC countries, because many regions of the Gulf are focusing on nationalization policies for their local residents. The UAE, Qatar, Bahrain and Oman in particular are pursuing nationalization policies to empower their local population.

SKOPOS Consulting has also noted that increasing numbers of firms in the Middle East and North Africa region are seeking executive coaching solutions to help with employee retention. This is crucial considering that employee turnover has been proved to be a costly and time-consuming exercise, which affects the performance effectiveness of business organisations.

SKOPOS Consulting uses both soft and hard management tools to implement organizational change with its clients in the Middle East and Africa. The company utilizes a mix of coaching, conflict management, team building, leadership development, communication, succession planning, performance management and other proven organisational development tools to help its clients become highly effective. Originally founded in 1991 in San Jose, CA, SKOPOS Consulting moved to establish its Middle East presence in 2002. It is now fully owned, managed and operated independently by the Middle East team. It currently offers its services across a range of industries, including technology, government and telecommunications. The company has offices in Dubai, Cairo, Bahrain and Kenya. 

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