Fatah officials approve new Palestinian cabinet

Published February 16th, 2005 - 07:17 GMT

Palestinian officials approved a new Cabinet. According to Palestinian officials, the makeup of the government was agreed on Wednesday at a meeting of Fatah movement. "I will present my Cabinet to the legislative council for approval on Tuesday," Prime Minister Ahmed Qureia said after the meeting.


Meanwhile, the Palestinian Authority on Wednesday dismissed Israeli allegations that Hizbullah was trying to undermine the government of Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas as "cheap disinformation that doesn’t have an iota of truth."


"These are lies and disinformation. We never accused Hizbullah of seeking to undermine the Palestinian Authority," said Palestinian official Abdullah Abdullah.


Earlier this week, the Israeli media quoted unidentified "Palestinian officials" as saying that Hezbollah was paying large sums of money to Palestinians resistance activists willing to carry out attacks on Israeli occupation targets.


"These are characteristic Israeli lies, they concoct certain stories and then they disseminate them through the Israeli media, thus creating a spin. "They are even trying to link the reported Russian missile sale to Syria with the Palestinian Authority. Does anybody believe that Israel is suddenly concerned about the safety and well-being of the Palestinian Authority?" asked Abdullah.


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