Fifteen Afghans fighting for Iranian forces killed in Syria clashes

Published May 8th, 2016 - 09:23 GMT
Afghans protesting outside the Iranian consulate in Herat in 2012. (AFP/File)
Afghans protesting outside the Iranian consulate in Herat in 2012. (AFP/File)

Thirty five people, including 15 Afghans, have been killed in fresh clashes between government forces and militants in Halb city of Syria, Voice of America (VoA) has reported.

Some Afghan Shia community members have been fighting in the ranks of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad military against those groups who had been seeking the ouster of Assad.

Iranian government is directly involved in the Syrian war for support Assad. Tehran has sent military advisors and recruited militias from within Iran and Afghanistan to fight against anti-Aasad armed groups.

According to VoA, Jaish-ul-Fatha and Jabha-i-Alnasar fighters have launched coordinated attacks on pro-Assad groups in the Khan Tuman locality in which 15 Afghans, 20 Iranian of them 13 were military advisors and some members of Lebanon based Hezbollah group had been killed.

Iranian military confirmed 13 troops had been killed and 21 others wounded in the clash in Syria. Earlier there were reports about the killing of some Afghans in Syrian conflict and their corpses had been returned to Iran.

By Javed Hamim Kakar 

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