The First Knowledge Forum “Towards Modern and Safe Methods” Convenes at GAM

The First Knowledge Forum “Towards Modern and Safe Methods” Convenes at GAM
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Published November 30th, 2010 - 12:50 GMT

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Experts from different sectors relating to the road industry, both public and private, and academic meet on the 28th of this month at the first knowledge forum, entitled "Towards Modern and Safe Methods", which is organized by the Directorate of Roads at the Greater Amman Municipality (GAM).

Executive Director of Roads, Engineer Ahmad Al Malkawi said that the forum, running for two days at Al Hussein Cultural Center, aims at transferring knowledge, and activating communication and interaction with the various sectors in the roads industry at the national level.

The forum also aims at transferring experiences and expertise among the working sectors in this field to upgrade proficiency of performance, in addition to exchanging information services, and raising and activating cooperation in this field.

He also pointed out that the forum entails several axes such as the construction of sidewalks, pathways, pedestrian bridges, the implementation of the asphalt mixes, the opening of roads, mattresses, retaining walls, and rain water drainage, the joint cooperation , and the infrastructural works in road construction, in close collaboration with the concerned, public and private agencies.

Engineer Al Malkawi added that the forum is expected to come out with recommendations in the fields of design, road execution, and joint cooperation, based on the working papers presented to the forum during the two scheduled days.

Coordinator of the forum, Engineer Rula Al Khashman, on her part, said that the participants shall present specialized working papers on business and concepts of road design with all its necessary constituents; roads execution and the technological methods resorted to in order to save on time, cost, and effort; specifications of the materials used and alternatives used to upgrade the quality of roads; the pertinent legislations; and road security and general safety.

Participants shall conduct practical simulation experiments on roads sector. 

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