First stage of Nawras Goodwill Journey 6 continues with visits to Al Wusta and Dhofar regions

First stage of Nawras Goodwill Journey 6 continues with visits to Al Wusta and Dhofar regions
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Published August 23rd, 2010 - 13:07 GMT

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 Volunteer employees with Nawras Goodwill Journey 6 continue to travel across the Sultanate, delivering the caring company’s pleasingly different assistance to those most in need.  The latest thoughtful donations took place at Daqam’s social development centre in Al Wusta before team members move onto Salalah’s Al Wafa Social Welfare Centre in Dhofar region.

Arriving in Daqam, the convoy members presented laptops, wheelchairs, air conditioning units, washing machines and televisions to manager Salim Muhammed Al Mahruuqi who expressed sincere gratitude for the efforts that Nawras is investing in making life easier and more enjoyable for those who are less privileged in society.  As always on the journey, team members spent time learning about the needs of the people and learning about the great work that is being done everyday at such centres.

Commenting on his impression of the Goodwill Journey, participant Abdullah Ahmed Al Nabhani, from customer care at Nawras, said, “This kind of charity event is really valuable in our society because it teaches us the real meaning of giving and sharing.”

Leaving behind many smiling faces in Daqam, the Nawras Goodwill Journey will move on to its next stop at the Al Wafa Social Welfare Centre in Dhofar, where they will be received by head of the centre, Fatima Mohriz Ba Omar, together with other members of the management team.  Nawras volunteers will spend time with the children before distributing gifts and sweets to brighten their day and will be presenting donations including IT equipment, furniture and medical equipment.

Manal Saeed Al Kharusi, customer care at Nawras, said, “The priceless moments that I shared with the children will always stay in my memories. Although this was my very first time to be part of the Goodwill Journey, I feel like I have always been a part of it.” 
The day is scheduled to finish with team members sharing their experiences and discussing how important such voluntary initiatives are to them on a personal level as well as from the point of view of an individual and representative of a caring company playing a responsible part in society.

Tawfeeq Dawish Al Bulushi, accounts supervisor in the finance department at Nawras, stated that this was his fifth participation in the Goodwill Journey and he is willing to give his full support again in the future because he feels there is still scope to do more.

Zainab Saeed Al Sarai, customer care at Nawras, said “Throughout the journey I am getting to know new people and valuing the opportunity to hear their stories which make me feel that I am part of their lives.”

Nawras supports and sponsors many different charitable activities within the community throughout the year but the most well-known initiative is still the annual Goodwill Journey. This, caring mission will once again help the young, the elderly, those on low incomes and those suffering through illness or from a disability as Nawras stays true to its values of being excellent, caring and pleasingly different.

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