Following Kenya attacks: Mossad activates ''sleeper'' agents in Saudi Arabia, Yemen

Published December 1st, 2002 - 02:00 GMT

Israel's Mossad has activated "sleeper" agents in Saudi Arabia and Yemen after Prime Minister Ariel Sharon ordered his secret service head, Meir Dagan to track down the planners and perpetrators of last Friday's dual attacks in Kenya.  


Quoting a well-informed source, the London Sunday Times reported that Sharon summoned Dagan to a meeting following the attacks and told him: "War has been declared on the State of Israel by the global Islamic terror syndicate. Change your priorities and get them one by one."  


Codenamed "Warriors," the highly trained sleeper agents are said to volunteer to live undercover in Arab states, remaining dormant unless war breaks out. In such circumstances, their mission is to undermine Arab plans for strikes against Israel.  


The last time the Mossad received such orders was in 1972 when then-prime minister Golda Meir ordered the assassination of Palestinians who were involved in the killing of Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics. All but one were assassinated in an operation that ranged over several continents and over six years.  


According to the British paper, Sharon's order "promises to have momentous consequences for the conduct of the war on terror." (

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