Following Saddam capture: Hamas, Islamic Jihad say Iraqi resistance against occupation to continue, US to pay ''price''

Published December 15th, 2003 - 02:00 GMT

Leaders of the Hamas as well as Islamic Jihad in Gaza, commenting on the capture of Saddam, have said that despite his arrest, the resistance of the Iraqi people will never end. 


In a joint statement, both Palestinian movements had called on the people of Iraq never to surrender and to "continue resistance against the U.S. occupation until it withdraws all of its forces from all Iraqi lands." 


Nafez Azzam, a prominenet Islamic Jihad leader in the Gaza Strip said that the capture of Saddam Hussein was just a "small symbolic and moral victory for the U.S., but would certainly not stop Iraqi resistance".  


He said that the Iraqi resistance would continue "carrying out painful strikes against the American occupation on their lands." 


Meanwhile, Adnan Asfour, a West Bank Hamas leader, urged the Iraqi people to follow the path of the Palestinian people. "The Palestinian people have also seen their leaders arrested and assassinated, but this has not stopped their resistance of the occupation", he said, adding that the Iraqis should continue attacking occupation forces". 


A top leader of the Hamas movement, Abdel-Aziz al-Rantissi told Reuters that the U.S. would "pay a very high price for the mistake" of arresting ousted leader Saddam Hussein. "What the United States did is ugly and despicable. It is an insult to all Arabs and an insult to Muslims." (

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