Former CIA Boss Warns Colleagues Not to Work for Trump Because it Tarnishes Them

Published May 7th, 2018 - 08:40 GMT
Michael Hayden (AFP/File Photo)
Michael Hayden (AFP/File Photo)

Former U.S. Central Intelligence Agency Director Michael Hayden says has advised American officials against working for the administration of Donald Trump because it “threatens” their personal credentials.

Speaking during a Yahoo podcast, the former spymaster said on Sunday he found it difficult to watch top officials of his country try to defend Trump’s actions.

“The longer they were in the administration, the more their personal credentials were being threatened,” Hayden said. “At what point do you stop being a guard rail and become an enabler and a legitimizer?”

“We’ve had presidents who lie, who have argued with us, who have disagreed with our version of objective reality,” he added, without naming any heads of state.

He also said younger people who wanted to join the government under Trump should remember their “moral thresholds” and “take notes,” just like former FBI Director James Comey did.

“What we have is the president inarguably demanding of both the institutions and their leadership that their first priority is personal loyalty to him rather than to the norms that have governed their behavior for a couple of centuries,” Hayden said of Trump. “You may want to keep a draft letter in your desk drawer.”

Comey, who was fired by Trump last year, has said that the Republican president removed him from the job because he refused the kind of royalty Trump had demanded.



The disgraced FBI chief went on to name his newly-unveiled book “A Higher Loyalty,” which revolves around Trump and his “ego driven” leadership of the country.

The book adheres closely to Comey’s public testimony and written statements about his contacts with Trump and his growing concern about Trump’s integrity. It also includes strikingly personal jabs at Trump that appear sure to irritate the president.

Hayden, who served as National Security Agency chief under former president Barack Obama, has also a new anti-Trump book in the works.

Dubbed “The Assault on Intelligence: American National Security in an Age of Lies,” the book serves as a critique of Trump, whom Hayden has famously called a “useful idiot.”


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