Fujimori still Harbors Hopes of Political Career in Peru

Published November 27th, 2000 - 02:00 GMT

Former Peruvian president Alberto Fujimori insisted Monday that he still retained the moral capacity to govern and said it was up to the Peruvian people to decide his fate. 

The people would be the "true judges" of whether his dismissal for "moral incapacity" disqualified him from a future political career, Fujimori told AFP in an interview. 

Speaking at Tokyo's luxury New Otani Hotel where he stayed for six days last week, the ousted head of said he was not considering appealing against the decision by Peru's Congress to remove him. 

"It was a completely political decision, and I hope that there was no hidden deal behind it. I know in my own mind, in my heart of hearts that I have the moral capacity," he said. 

Asked if he believed the lawmakers' decision would finish his political career, Fujimori insisted, "it's the (Peruvian) people who will decide that. For me the people are the true judges of my political future." 

The former president urged his supporters "not to lose hope in Peru's future," even though he acknowledged that "few will understand for now" his decision to quit the country and stay in Japan. 

"I hope that the time will come when people will understand that this was a step I had to take, that they will remember how I handled problems," he added. 

He was referring to his role in resolving the four-month long Japanese Embassy hostage crisis in 1997, and a century-old border dispute with Ecuador in 1998 – TOKYA (AFP) 



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